ScreenSteps Sub-processors

Last Updated: February 17, 2023

Definition of a sub-processor

In order to provide service to customers, ScreenSteps currently uses third parties to carry out data-processing activities that involve access to customer data.  These third party organizations, called “sub-processors,” are identified below with their locations and the types of services they provide to ScreenSteps. Prior to engaging any third party Sub-processor, ScreenSteps performs diligence to evaluate their privacy, security and confidentiality practices.


Vendor Country Type of Service
Amazon Web Services, Inc. United States Infrastructure provider
Chargebee, Inc. United States Billing management
ChurnZero, Inc. United States Customer success platform
Cloudflare, Inc. United States Edge services such as CDN and Firewall
Datadog, Inc. United States Logging, monitoring, and application support
Expected Behavior, LLC (Docraptor) United States PDF generation
Elasticsearch B.V. United States Document and analytics search
Github, Inc. United States Programming code repository and management 
Google LLC  (Google Workspace) United States Email and office applications
HubSpot, Inc. United States  Sales and marketing CRM
Intercom, Inc. United States Support ticketing and customer service, LLC United States Data collection for reporting
Linear Orbit, Inc. (Linear) United States Internal support collaboration
Prismatic LLC United States Cloud service for creating 3rd party integrations
Mux, Inc. United States Cloud service for processing, storing, and delivering video.
Slack Technologies, Inc. United States Messaging services
Stripe Inc. United States Credit card processing
Wildbit, LLC (Postmark) United States Email notification services
Zendesk, Inc. United States Support ticketing and customer service