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Reduce questions, mistakes, and stress with a framework built for the modern workplace.

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Introduction to the Find & Follow Framework

What is the Find & Follow Framework?

The Find & Follow Framework is a modern approach to employee onboarding & performance support. 

It focuses on creating systems and strategies for effectively transferring knowledge from those who know the information to those who perform tasks & solve problems. 

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The Four Systems

When your business relies on tribal knowledge, you experience challenges with onboarding, employee independence, and change management.

The Four Systems of Find & Follow provide a roadmap for improving in each of these areas by escaping tribal knowledge. It simplifies the implementation process by breaking up the Find & Follow Framework into four phases.

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Find & Follow

Reduce Supervisor Burnout & Improve Employee Performance by Transferring Knowledge Faster

In Find & Follow, Greg & Jonathan DeVore provide the key to solving the knowledge transfer problem and transforming your business. Don’t spend another day wasting your and your team’s time relying on tribal knowledge – get a copy now!

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Find & Follow Book, Now Available on Amazon


Find & Follow: The Basics

This short 30-minute course will provide a visual overview of how the Find & Follow Framework will empower you and your team to transfer knowledge faster and more efficiently, creating a more productive workplace.

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3 Essential Change to Become a Find & Follow Organization

In this blog post, we reveal three essential changes your company needs to make to become a Find & Follow Organization.

Then, we go into how you can make those changes, including what your first steps will be.

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The Case for Building a Find & Follow Organization [WEBINAR]

In this on-demand webinar, Greg and Jonathan break down the root cause of chaotic business operations.

Then, they build the case for how implementing the Find & Follow Framework allows you to effectively transfer knowledge to your employees, exactly when they need it.

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What are the benefits of implementing the Find & Follow Framework?

Find & Follow for New Hire Training & Onboarding

What is the Find & Follow Training Framework?

The Find & Follow Training Framework is a 3-phase approach to employee training and performance support.

Employees start by learning the foundational context of their job. Next, they learn how to search, find, and follow the digital guides they need to perform tasks and solve problems. Finally, employees run through practice activities to get comfortable finding and follow the digital guides.

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How does Find & Follow Training differ from traditional employee training?

Traditional training methods spend 90% of their time on lectures and PowerPoints and rely heavily on memorization. This results in long training times, mistakes, questions, and bogged-down supervisors.

With the Find & Follow Training Framework, new hires learn the foundational information needed for their job and then use real-life practice scenarios to learn how to find and follow digital guides. 

Traditional Training vs Find & Follow Training


How to Build, Plan, and Run a Find & Follow Training Program

The Find & Follow Workshop

What is the Find & Follow Workshop?

The Find & Follow Workshop is the recommended first step of preparing to launch a Find & Follow Training Program. The workshop has three main goals: align, define, and dig. 

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Find & Follow Workshop resources


What is the Deliverable from a Find & Follow Workshop?

In this blog post, we explain what you walk away with after you’ve completed a Find & Follow Workshop, including what is included in the Find & Follow Workshop Report.

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Find & Follow Report Template

Use this free workbook to run a Find & Follow Workshop. It will help you plan your training and knowledge base resources.

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Knowledge Ops Platform

What is a Knowledge Ops Platform?

A knowledge ops platform is a software solution that allows you to effectively transfer knowledge to your employees through foundational courses & digital guides. 

The platform similar to a traditional knowledge base software, but better. 

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The ScreenSteps Knowledge Ops Platform

ScreenSteps is a Knowledge Ops Platform that enables organizations to transfer knowledge quickly and efficiently to their employees. 

With fast & flexible authoring, analytics for data-driven decisions, courses, notifications, and more, this platform is your one-stop-shop for knowledge. 

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Implementing the Find & Follow Framework


Find & Follow Roadmaps

Ready for real, sustainable onboarding & performance improvements? We've created roadmaps to help articulate what steps are necessary to climb the Knowledge Ops Maturity Model with the Find & Follow Framework.

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ScreenSteps Implementation Packages

Find & Follow Framework Templates & Downloads

Ready to implement the Find & Follow Framework? We're here to help.

Implementing the Find & Follow Framework can seem daunting. But we promise, it's so worth it. 

Our team of Find & Follow experts is ready to help you every step of the way. Schedule a discovery call to get started.