Reduce stress and boost confidence with the Find & Follow Framework

Change the way your employees work & train with a framework built for the modern workplace. 

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The problem with complexity & change in business operations

When business operations are complex and constantly changing, things can feel chaotic.


Onboarding takes months and months and new hire retention is low.

Supervisors are bogged down answering the same questions and fixing the same mistakes all day long.

Employees lack confidence and independence when performing tasks and solving problems. 

Adopting new systems and technologies is cumbersome and stressful.

All of these things feel chaotic when organizations rely on tribal knowledge.


To really improve training & operations, teams need to change the way they think about and use knowledge.

The Find & Follow Framework:
A better way to transfer knowledge

To drive real employee confidence, performance, and onboarding improvements, you need to change how your organization thinks about and transfers knowledge to your employees.

The Find & Follow Framework removes the need for employee memorization and eliminates the reliance on tribal knowledge. Instead, organizations utilize technology and habits to create a culture entirely based on guided knowledge

What changes when you move from tribal knowledge to guided knowledge? Everything.

Operational knowledge impacts every aspect of your business. When you change the way you think about and use knowledge, your entire organization becomes more efficient.

How the Find & Follow Framework works

Implementing the Find & Follow Framework requires your organization to change your relationship with knowledge. Instead of relying on hard-to-find and hard-to-follow documentation (or no documentation at all), organizations create digital guides that put the users' needs first. Here's how it works. 

  • Create Digital Guides

  • Employees Find & Follow

  • Confidence & Independence Increase

  • Metrics Skyrocket

Employee creating digital work instructions


Create digital guides that require no additional support to follow

The first step in the Find & Follow Framework is creating interactive digital guides that guide employees through performing tasks and solving problems. 

All of an organization's digital guides (and additional training resources) are stored in a single source of truth, like a knowledge base software.

Employee creating digital work instructions
Employee working confidently and independently


Train employees to find the digital guide they need and follow the instructions

Every time an employee has to perform a task or solve a problem, they find the digital guide they need and follow the instructions, exactly as they appear.

This completely changes the way employees are trained and the way they work.

No more memorization. No more "ask your neighbor."


Employee working confidently and independently
Call center employee working with confidence and independence


Employee confidence and independence increase

Since employees know all they have to do to perform a task or solve a problem is find & follow the appropriate digital guide, their independence & confidence increases dramatically. 

They feel comfortable handling any task, without needing to ask supervisors or their neighbor for help, even if it's their first time doing the task.

Call center employee working with confidence and independence
Manager seeing performance metrics improve


Fewer questions, fewer mistakes, and less training time

Since employees are no longer relying on tribal knowledge or memorization to perform their jobs, training and operational metrics skyrocket.

New hires become proficient faster than ever.

Supervisors are fielding fewer questions and fixing fewer mistakes.

Employees are confident, consistent, and independent.


Manager seeing performance metrics improve


Find & Follow

Reduce Supervisor Burnout & Improve Employee Performance by Transferring Knowledge Faster

In Find & Follow, Greg & Jonathan DeVore provide the key to solving the knowledge transfer problem and transforming your business. Don’t spend another day wasting your and your team’s time relying on tribal knowledge – get a copy now!


What makes Find & Follow different from traditional training and performance support methods?

Real results of teams who have implemented the Find & Follow Framework

The Find & Follow Framework is simple — but that doesn't mean it's easy to implement. It takes time, work, and dedication for a cultural shift. Luckily, the results are proof that your efforts are worth it. Here are just a few examples. 

Drop in onboarding time
Drop in average task time
Drop in training budget
Drop in average hold time

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Implement the Find & Follow Framework at your organization

Ready to implement the Find & Follow Framework at your organization, but not sure where to start? We can help! Schedule time with a Find & Follow expert to take the first step towards independent and confident employees.