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Reduce Supervisor Burnout & Improve Employee Performance by Transferring Knowledge Faster

Does your business feel chaotic? Are supervisors burnt out from constantly answering questions? Are employees stressed out because they are afraid of making mistakes?

It’s probably because your business is relying on tribal knowledge.

In Find & Follow, Greg & Jonathan DeVore provide the key to solving the knowledge transfer problem and transforming your business. Don’t spend another day wasting your and your team’s time relying on tribal knowledge – get a copy now!

Find & Follow Book, Now Available on Amazon
Find & Follow Book, Now Available on Amazon

Introducing a better way to transfer knowledge

Are you working in a business that seems to be right at the intersection of complexity and change? Procedures are unclear and hard to follow. Mistakes get made. Supervisors are always jumping in. Everyone is burned out.

There's a solution. And it's simpler than you think.

In Find & Follow, Greg and Jonathan DeVore present a new performance and training framework that empowers independent and consistent employees, especially in environments of high complexity and change.

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Find & Follow Book, Now Available on Amazon

What readers are saying

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"Find & Follow is a must-read for leaders, directors, managers, and trainers navigating the challenges of rapid change and complexity. It offers a fresh perspective, actionable strategies, and a promise of increased productivity and reduced stress. This book is a game-changer and receives my highest recommendation."

Jason M. | Amazon Review

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"Find & Follow outlines a thought-provoking framework for onboarding employees. Providing strategies to become more self-sufficient and efficient in their work... A great read for anyone interested in building a productive and responsive team."

Andy D. | Amazon Review

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"Many companies including ours struggle to scale support. This book allowed us to reconsider what we are doing and why. It lays out a solid plan to implement the change from memorization and long training hours of a support team to the proper use of a knowledge base."

Craig S. | Amazon Review

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"As leaders, we've all experienced the frustration of training new hires up to the level we expect. Find & Follow does an excellent job of breaking down the transfer of knowledge into an easy-to-comprehend and execute framework. I highly recommend this easy read for any organization looking to share foundational and organizational knowledge."

Michael M. | Amazon Review

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"Greg and Jonathan have come up with a straightforward approach to solving common learning/knowledge transfer issues. Just getting the information out of people's heads, documented, and not having to be memorized can go a long way. The Knowledge Ops Maturity Model is really practical to find out where you are at, and more importantly, where you can go."

Marc K. | Amazon Review

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"Building or optimizing your knowledge base, procedures and training materials can be a daunting task. “Find & Follow” reveals techniques and processes that provide a blueprint for you to tangibly improve how your organization shares its knowledge to support your customers.

Based on real world use cases, “Find & Follow” is packed with examples and practical applications to assist you in taking your organizational knowledge transfer to the next level."

Christopher R. | Amazon Review

What you'll learn from Find & Follow

In this transformative guide, you will find the blueprint to untangle the web of complexity and learn the ways to foster a culture of success within your team. This book unfolds the strategies that allow you to streamline your processes, amplify performance, and cultivate an environment where everyone thrives!

About the authors

(Yes, they are brothers)


Greg DeVore

Greg DeVore is the co-founder and CEO of ScreenSteps, a company dedicated to helping organizations transfer knowledge to their employees more efficiently.

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Jonathan DeVore

Jonathan DeVore is the lead consultant at ScreenSteps helping organizations of all sizes implement the Find & Follow Framework.

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Find & Follow Book by Greg and Jonathan DeVore

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Find & Follow Book by Greg and Jonathan DeVore