Knowledge Base Content Coaching

One-on-one coaching for writing, implementing, and launching your knowledge base

Partner with a ScreenSteps Content Coach to create reliable knowledge base articles employees turn to


What is Content Coaching?

Onboarding a new software at your company can be overwhelming. If your team has historically used Word, Excel or SharePoint for knowledge management, switching to ScreenSteps may be intimidating. That’s why we offer tailored, one-on-one content coaching with our team of experts. 

ScreenSteps Content Coaching helps you learn the ins and outs of ScreenSteps’ authoring as well as basic best practices for writing knowledge base content. It’s the first step to empowering your team with easy-to-follow help guides that help employees avoid mistakes. 

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How Content Coaching works

We typically recommend a 3-month coaching program to help you get your knowledge base together and prepare for launch.

  • Best writing practices

  • Author & content training

  • Launch preparations

Writing best practices


Learn best practices for writing clear knowledge base articles

Writing knowledge base articles isn't the same as writing an email or a school essay. It requires a different skillset that many managers haven't learned yet. It’s difficult to know what to include in your knowledge base, how to present that information, and make it accessible to the end-users. 

With ScreenSteps Content Coaching, our experts train your content authors the best practices for writing knowledge base content. This results in clear guides that your end-users can easily follow.

Writing best practices
Author and content training


Take full advantage of content creation tools with a content coach

Learning to create content with ScreenSteps is incredibly simple. However, ScreenSteps offers features that many companies have never seen before and new authors may not be aware of how to utilize those features to create “dummy proof” guides.

Your coach will train your authoring team to take full advantage of what ScreenSteps offers so that they can build clear, user-friendly guides.

Author and content training
Creating and updating policies


Create and update existing policies and procedures

Ramping up to introduce a software change into a new company can be challenging. When you use our coaching services, our coach is there through all implementation phases to ensure you have a successful launch. Consulting areas include:

  • Rolling out change management (ie: company communications/emails, preparatory content, etc.)
  • Working with the change management leader on how to incorporate ScreenSteps
  • Developing a Zero Memorization program with trainers
  • Designing training events and courses
  • Reviewing checklists for launch day
  • Instructions on what to do post-launch day
Creating and updating policies

Learn how to make the most of your ScreenSteps knowledge base

Knowing how to effectively use ScreenSteps is critical to the success of your knowledge base. 

Think of it like Photoshop. Sure, you can take online courses and watch YouTube videos all about Photoshop. And you’ll probably become 60% proficient in the tool. But with tailored Photoshop coaching, you’ll be able to become 100% proficient. 

That’s what ScreenSteps content coaching is like. We’ll make sure you not only know each and every feature available but know how to apply each and every feature to your specific use case.

And, yes, we still offer courses and videos for refresher training and helping you train your users to understand the tool.


What does the coaching process look like?

What results should I expect out of coaching?

What do I need to have prepared in order to have a successful coaching outcome?

How do I know if I need a coach or if I can do it on my own?

Do I have to hire a coach to get instructions on how to implement ScreenSteps in my company?

What our customers are saying

“All feedback from our reps has been beyond positive. My reps appreciate the step-by-step process and describe it as ‘dummy proof.’ Thank you for helping me bring my vision for our protocol revamp to life.”

Yasmin | Supervisor, Call Center

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“When I first started, there were only a couple of articles. And now we have at least 1,500 to 2,000 articles. We're constantly adding new ones. ScreenSteps is used on a daily basis. It's an incredible tool.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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“The fact that you have so many features at your fingertips and the fact that you can actually USE all them, make ScreenSteps the best product on the market for training. We've loved it here and it has brought us much better results than what we were doing beforehand. It's a great product with a great customer service department and they keep delivering value.”

G2 Customer Review

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Interested in working with a content coach?

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