Create Troubleshooting Guides

Empower employees to troubleshoot any issue — no matter how complex

Create guides that break down complex procedures and turn them into simple, easy-to-follow instructions

Create troubleshooting guides any employee can follow

How much time do your most knowledgeable employees spend resolving issues? What if you could replicate their process so that all of your employees could troubleshoot the same problems without overburdening the experts?

By creating troubleshooting guides, you can increase the productivity in your organization and reduce the burnout of your most experienced people.

Turn complicated rules into step-by-step guides

When you systematize your troubleshooting guides, you help all employees troubleshoot complex situations, even if they have less experience.

  • Create expert guides with questions

  • Provide step-by-step guidance

  • Analyze employee performance

  • Iterate and improve

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Create expert guides that any employee can follow

Your smartest people often have to troubleshoot your stickiest problems. By creating troubleshooting guides, you can capture how your experts think through those complicated problems.

Instead of detailed explanations, guide employees by asking simple questions. As employees answer questions in the guides, they will be directed to the right solutions.

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Provide step-by-step guidance

After your questions have narrowed down the problem, you can provide step-by-step guidance to walk your employees through the solution. By focusing on one step at a time, even complex procedures can be simplified

You can even ask follow up questions in the article to further clarify the solution.

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Analyze employee performance

Use the built-in analytics to gain important insights that help you improve your guides. 

Which guides are your employees using? Are they completing them?

Your employees can leave comments in the guides to help you improve the effectiveness of your troubleshooting guides.

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Iterate and improve

As you get feedback from your employees, it is very simple to iterate over and improve your troubleshooting guides. Experiment with different questions or change the order you ask your questions. 

Each time you save a new version your old versions are saved as well, making it easy to experiment with a new approach and revert back if you find that your old version was more effective.

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Features that make troubleshooting simple

When you give your employees "dummy proof" troubleshooting guides, everyone's productivity will increase.

screen capture

Integrated screen capture

Save time and clarify guides without having to copy and paste. Use integrated screen capture to easily add and update screenshots in your guides.

question mark

Use questions

Replicate expert calls by inserting simple questions that guide your employees through complex troubleshooting situations.

interactive checklists

Interactive checklists

Work quicker with fewer mistakes. 

Interactive checklists let you easily add additional reference information so that your employees not only know what to do, they know how to do it.


Link to additional information

Don't waste time rewriting information that is already in your knowledge base. Easily link to other articles. 

You can even link to other articles as "pop-ups" so employees don’t lose their place.


How will my employees access my troubleshooting guides?

How will this integrate with our other systems?

What browsers are supported?

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Not ready to talk to someone? No problem. Explore our pre-recorded demo videos to see the ScreenSteps knowledge base in action. 

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What our customers are saying

"We're reaping the benefits since day one. We've improved our training regiment almost ten-fold from what it was before (at least it feels like it!) I do not want to go back to what it was before we found ScreenSteps."

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"Our IT department is trying to promote the option of having 0 level of support so the end user can get help at 2 o’clock in the morning, and not have to go on campus to get help. ScreenSteps is helping us get there."

Arlen Wilcock | Faculty Technology Consultant | BYU-Idaho

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"In our old system, not being able to find how-to guides was slowing down productivity. But with ScreenSteps, we've been able to bring everything into one place and make it easier for end users to find. We also use our quick-reference guides for training exercises."

Gretchen Fulmer | Instructional Designer | WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

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More experts on your team mean less problems

Qualify your team to handle even the toughest situations with expert content and call flows that drive the conversation. Give them access to all the right answers.

Enable your agents to easily troubleshoot any problem, any time

With "dummy proof" troubleshooting guides, you can train employees in less time and help them help your customers. Talk to a specialist to see if ScreenSteps is a good fit for your team.