Employee Contextual Help

Context-sensitive help for your employees — answer questions before they even happen

Increase productivity and decrease mistakes by putting your procedures right where your employees need them

What is context-sensitive help?

Context-sensitive help is like the sticky notes that your employees place all over their computers with information that helps them do their jobs.

But, unlike real sticky notes, these guides, checklists, and procedures change depending on which application the employee is using, where they are at in the application, and what their role is on the team. Context-sensitive help senses the situation the employee is working in and provides them with the information they need based on that context.

How do context-sensitive help tools assist my employees?

Sometimes your employees don't even know which questions to ask or which guides are available. With context-sensitive help, you can answer questions before they get a chance to ask them. This puts your checklists and procedures right where your employees need them.

They never have to wonder if a guide exists, or waste time searching for one. Everything appears right where they are working.

How to use the context-sensitive help widget

The ScreenSteps context-sensitive help browser extension puts your training and reference documents in the web app right where employees need them.

  • Install browser extension

  • Define the context

  • Create articles

  • Analyze employee usage



Install browser extension

Eliminate endless open tabs and frustrating searches for the information you need. Simply install the ScreenSteps browser extension. Once installed,  the guide pops up on the web page in which your employees are working, giving them access to the procedures, information, and checklists they need.



Define the context

Make the information your agents need accessible by defining the context for where they could use a guide, checklist, or additional information

Your context can be based on the page they are on, the type of record they are working on, or the job function they have.



Create articles

Once you have defined a situation (or context) where your employees could use additional help, create articles that anticipate their questions and challenges. 

These articles can be created in the form of standard articles, call flows, troubleshooting guides, and checklists. You can update these articles at any time.



Analyze employee usage

Great data helps you make better decisions. Improve your content and identify new opportunities to increase productivity by analyzing how your employees are using your contextual help articles.


Additional features

Make it easier for your employees to find the guide they need when and where they need it.


Customize your contexts

Show content based on the current web page, tab, record types, and many more options.


Role targeting

Emphasis different content for different employees depending on their roles.


Integrated search

Search results appear on the side of the screen so you don’t have to leave the apps you are working in.


Usage reports

View details on how context-sensitive help is being used with built-in analytics.


What browsers are supported?

Can this be used for customers AND employees?

Is this difficult to set up?

Can you include video?

How do you know your context-sensitive help content is working?

Will the browser extension work with Single Sign-on?


Start your contextual help strategy

Getting started with your contextual help strategy is always the hardest part. Our team can help you determine what information will make the biggest impact with your contextual help. 

We’ll be by your side to assist you in setting up your channel definitions so that the right content shows up in the right location.

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What our customers are saying

“We used to have videos — but nobody watched them after initial training. So later on, our staff would make mistakes and say, "I didn't know." With the Chrome Extension, the tutorials are front and center and you can open it up to find what you need, copy and paste, and reference whenever you need it. It's also reduced interruptions and me having to answer the same process questions over and over.”

Samantha | Trainer

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“Our end users were dialing our help desk instead of using our previous SharePoint site. But with ScreenSteps, we can see self-service is growing each month. And we are seeing a drop in the number of questions we are being asked.”

David Overturf | Business Systems Manager, Advanced Tech

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“The contextual help shows up as a little bell on the right-hand side of an employee's browser window. Employees love it and they're growing accustomed to using it whenever they have a question. Which is great because our knowledge base really does have a ton of great content in there.”

Owen Hutchins | Change Management Consultant

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Give your employees the answers they need, when they need it

Contextual help will allow your employees to follow your procedures without having to search around for the right guide. Get started today.