Customer Stories

See how companies have achieved real business results using a ScreenSteps knowledge base and training solution.

Contact Center Achieves 90% Service Levels With New Operation Launched in 120 Days

Baxter Healthcare used the Find & Follow Training Framework to launch a successful new contact center in 120 days. 

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Call Center Trains New Agents 87% Faster

This B2B technical helpdesk center introduced a one-stop shop for their information, resulting in improved first call resolutions, agent training, and client onboarding.

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Fortune-500 Company Saves Millions with Call Flows

This company used call flows to create interactive troubleshooting guides, giving their reps the consistency and clarity they needed.

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Contact Center Saves 85% of Its Training Budget While Switching to Remote Learning

This contact center used their knowledge base and digital guides to restructure their training program for virtual training, resulting in faster (and less expensive) training.

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Credit Union Centralizes Documentation for Growth

connectFirst was merging four credit unions and needed a way to organize all of their documents in one location.

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Cut Employee Ramp-up Time by 75%

This contact center was able to revamp its new-hire training, which led to new call agents being productive after only 3 weeks.

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4x the docs in 1/4 of the time

BYU - Idaho uses ScreenSteps to write articles in a fraction of the time it normally takes and share those articles with a global audience.

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Achieve 99% CRM Adoption Before Launch

Throughout the training, the reps had become completely familiarized with the knowledge base. This enabled them to hit the ground running and start problem-solving from day one.

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Self-served 8,000 Questions

Advanced Tech uses ScreenSteps to help employees find answers to their own questions, deflecting thousands of help tickets.

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Rollout a New System to 200+ Employees

This community center used the ScreenSteps and training methodology to train over 200 employees on its new Salesforce implementation.

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More than 20,000 Views in the past year

Cushman & Wakefield consolidated all of their content into one location with ScreenSteps and saw their knowledge sharing grow exponentially.

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Training Thousands of Users at 34 Colleges

Washington State Community & Technical Colleges uses ScreenSteps to roll out new software to their campuses.

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Support 10,000+ Customers in 148 Countries

Cloudbeds is able to quickly create visual documentation that supports thousands of customers across the globe.

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Salesforce Rollout in One Week

This organization had to train 200 Employees who were spread across the United one week.

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Hands-on Training for 1,000 Customers

Adaptive Insights is able to train 1,000 customers during conferences and 10,000+ end-users in self-paced training.

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Train 500 Customers At a Time

This SaaS company is able to train over 500 customers at a time because they have visual documentation.

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What our customers are saying

"It allows us to move a lot faster and to create a lot more content than we would have previously been able to. This allows us to stand out and definitely have a much more thorough knowledge base than a lot of our competitors."

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

"I love, love, love ScreenSteps! It's been a life-saver. We used to rely on various wikis and random one-off printed documents to get the information across to our trainees. This has made it 1,000 times more wonderful. We keep adding articles and they have all been so easy to get set up and provide so much functionality."

G2 Customer Review

"Our last class of newly-hired reps used ScreenSteps and it was the best our call center has ever seen."

Terry | Chief Client Officer, BPO

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