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Our purpose

Some procedures in a business are complicated. We may not always be able to simplify the procedure, but we make it simple to follow a complicated procedure.

ScreenSteps’ purpose is to improve the lives of your employees, trainers, supervisors, and company leaders at work — by providing a knowledge ops solution that makes it simple to find & follow complex procedures.


Our story

ScreenSteps was born out of a love for teaching.

While working as instructional consultants, brothers Greg and Trevor DeVore realized there wasn’t adequate software for creating training guides. So they made their own.

What started as a way to ease the creation of training content evolved into simple tools that allow employees to manage complex situations on their own with minimal training. 

Today, companies use ScreenSteps to change their company culture around how knowledge is created, organized, and delivered to dramatically improve employee training and performance support.


Time- and money-saving results

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Up to 90%

Faster ramp-up time for new employees.

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Reduction in post-training support time for software implementations.

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Reduction in Average Hold Time for call centers.



Create 4x the documents in ¼ the time.

What you can do with ScreenSteps

Capture your company’s unique procedures with customizable, step-by-step guides that enhance employee performance.

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Yes ... the DeVores are brothers.

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