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Turn every employee into an expert fast with a knowledge base

Stop making your employees memorize procedures — instead have them navigate simple and complex procedures with clear guides

When your employees can find and follow your SOPs, everything in your business runs smoother

It’s no secret  — having a robust and effective knowledge base to capture and present your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) makes everyone on your team more productive.


Fewer mistakes

Use step-by-step call flows and checklists to guide employees through processes.


Shorter training times

Onboard new hires in less time without needing to memorize policies and procedures.

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Fewer questions

Make answers easy to find with context-sensitive help right on your screen.

interactive checklists

Greater productivity

Provide employees quick access to answers so they don't recreate the wheel every time.

But the reality is, creating an effective knowledge base that is filled with your SOPs is hard!

While the benefits of an effective knowledge base are clear, most businesses struggle to realize those benefits. In the real world, capturing and keeping information up to date is hard. So most businesses limp along with knowledge bases that never deliver the promised benefits.

Simply having knowledge stored somewhere isn't enough. It has to be findable and usable.

If your knowledge guides are going to have a significant impact on your business operation, then they need to meet the following criteria:

  • Easy to find 
  • Clear and simple to understand
  • Capable of seamlessly guiding employees through complex situations
  • Current with the most up-to-date information


We can help you climb the knowledge management mountain!

When you think of all the work it takes to create, update, and improve knowledge guides, it can feel like you are trying to climb Mt. Everest. You know the views at the top will be spectacular, but you are afraid that you may not survive the journey.

We can help you climb this mountain. There are four ways that ScreenSteps can help you on

  • Create more documents in less time

  • Waste less time searching for content

  • Make your procedures “dummy proof”

  • Provide up-to-date information every time



Create 4x the documents in ¼ the time

Speed up the content creation process while easily combining words and images to better explain your processes.

Our software contains tools — including a built-in screen capture, foolproof formatting, and styled text blocks — so you can fill your knowledge base quickly with crystal clear content.

In fact, our clients have reported creating 4x the documents in ¼ of the time it was taking them previously.

What Tools Are Available?



Spend less time searching and more time finding

Stop making your employees play hide-and-seek with your procedures. Reduce employee stress by putting the answers where your employees are working. 

Employees can easily search for content in your ScreenSteps website. It's just like Google for your company's procedures.

You can also present the guides your employees need, right when and where they need it, without them having to search for anything. ScreenSteps browser extensions let you add guides and checklists to the web applications your team is already using. 

How It Works



Make even complex procedures “dummy proof"

Messy flow charts and wordy explanations can cause employees to make mistakes and slow them down. Cut the clutter, reduce mistakes, and set your employees up with all the answers.

With our software, even the most complex procedures become manageable assignments that anyone in your company can handle. It’s so simple that many clients call the guides “dummy proof.”

Simplify Your Procedures



Provide up-to-date information every time

To receive the full benefits of knowledge management, your employees should be able to completely rely on your knowledge base. 

If it takes 6 weeks, 4 days, or even just 24 hours to update a key procedure that has changed, then your employees can't rely on your guides. They need to be current — no excuses.

That is why we give you tools to update knowledge articles in minutes instead of weeks.

What Tools Are Available?


Is it worth the climb?

Here are some of the results businesses just like yours have achieved with ScreenSteps


Up to 90%

Decrease in training time.

pie chart


Reduction in post-training support time.



Articles created.



Create 4x the documents in ¼ the time.

What our customers are saying

"It allows us to move a lot faster and to create a lot more content than we would have previously been able to. This allows us to stand out and definitely have a much more thorough knowledge base than a lot of our competitors."

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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ScreenSteps slices in half the time it takes to create content. Those who are contributing often comment on how easy it is to create content.”

Derek Cisler | Training Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

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“Our IT department is trying to promote the option of having 0 level of support so the end user can get help at 2 o’clock in the morning, and not have to go on campus to get help. ScreenSteps is helping us get there.

Arlen Wilcock | Faculty Technology Consultant, BYU-Idaho

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