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Boost confidence & independence with knowledge base software

Make it simple for employees, users, and customers to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time

Reduce questions, mistakes, and training time with a centralized knowledge hub

When teams rely on word-of-mouth, 20-page PDFs, or just messy documentation, training and operations can feel chaotic. But it doesn't have to be that way.  

With a ScreenSteps knowledge base, teams create an internal Google for every process, procedure, and task. When a user has a question or need to perform a task, they simply find the help guide they need and follow the steps. 

The results? Confident, independent, and productive users. 

What ScreenSteps customers are saying

"This platform has been a real game-changer in transforming the way we create and transfer knowledge to support our employees with growing their expertise and know-how to create a remarkable member experience."

— Alaska, Information Technology Support Specialist, connectFirst Credit Union

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"Because ScreenSteps is so easy to use, we have more authors contributing to the knowledge base content. And because it's so fast, we are able to create content in 1/4 of the time."

— Arlen Wilcock, Faculty Technology Consultant, BYU-Idaho

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"For me, it has made a major difference to our day-to-day operations. … ScreenSteps has changed how quickly our technical agents can find targeted guides and resolve issues for our customers."

— Department Trainer, B2B Technical Helpdesk

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"We chose ScreenSteps because it includes knowledge articles, checklists, workflows, training courses, and a Chrome extension. We're constantly using ScreenSteps, and hardly a day goes by without us thinking of new information to add."

— G2 Review

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Create an all-in-one knowledge hub for employee training & performance support

When employees are empowered to work confidently and independently, everyone wins.


Capture & Design Knowledge

Create knowledge base guides & articles with ease

Whether starting from scratch or importing and refining existing knowledge documentation, ScreenSteps makes the content authoring experience simple with easy content creation tools.

Integrated screen capture, annotations, foldable sections, pop-up links, and more allow you to create user-friendly content in a fraction of the time. 

Find & Follow Knowledge

Put knowledge right at your user's fingertips

Never answer the same question twice with a knowledge base that allows users to find & follow the guide they need, exactly when they need it. 

Measure & Maintain Knowledge

Ensure trust and accuracy, at all times

Ensuring users never lose trust in your knowledge base is critical to its long-term success. With usage reports, content certifications, notifications, and more admins can keep your knowledge base optimized and up-to-date at all times. 

ScreenSteps Courses UI
Onboard & Develop Confidence

Onboard, cross-train, & roll out change fast

Create custom courses & learning paths directly in your ScreenSteps knowledge base for faster onboarding, cross-training, and change management. Assign courses, track progress, & send reminders to keep learning top of mind.


ScreenSteps Courses UI

Integrate your ScreenSteps knowledge base software with other tools and platforms

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See the ScreenSteps knowledge base in action

Explore our library of 16 pre-recorded demo videos to see the ScreenSteps knowledge base in action. 

Watch Pre-Recorded Demo Videos

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Additional resources to turn your knowledge base into tangible results for your company

Reduce stress and improve performance. Discover how ScreenSteps and a knowledge base software can make you and your employees’ jobs easier.

Stop answering the same questions and fixing the same mistakes. Once and for all.

Give your employees the tools, frameworks, and habits they need to be successful. Schedule a demo with a knowledge expert to learn how a knowledge base can improve your employee's performance while reducing training, questions, and mistakes