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Empower your agents to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time

Reduce agent mistakes, questions, and training time with interactive guides and training program for your call center agents.

Build a world class call center where agents are confident handling any call

When your call center agents aren't knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient, metrics suffer. 

Call center agents need to be empowered with the right tools and systems to be confident and competent when dealing with complexity, stress, and change.

By implementing an integrated knowledge base and training solution, your call center agents know what to ask, say, and do, without extensive training and re-training.

Improve call center performance, reduce agent training time

Decrease in Time to Proficiency
Decrease in Average Handle Time
Decrease in cross-training time
Decrease in new agent attrition

How call centers and contact centers improve agent performance and training with a ScreenSteps knowledge base

Call centers and contact centers use ScreenSteps to provide answers to agent questions, guide agents through complex tasks and calls, and get new agents trained and taking calls in less than 30 days. 



Create a one-stop-shop for your contact center's processes and procedures

With a ScreenSteps knowledge base, agents can easily find answers to all of their questions within seconds and without having to put callers on hold. All of your job aides and digital guides are in one centralized location. 



Use interactive digital guides to walk agents through every task, no matter the complexity

Using call flows, decision trees, troubleshooting guides, and the ScreenSteps browser extension, agents are guided trough every process and procedure, no matter how complex or stressful the situation. No mistakes and no questions. 



Implement a repeatable new agent training program that actually works

Using ScreenSteps' courses and the Find & Follow Training Framework, create a repeatable training program that develops knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient agents in 30 days or less. 

Training Framework


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Tools to guide agents through the most complex processes and procedures with confidence

When you equip your agents with a tool that allows them to easily find and follow the right process, at the right time, everything runs smoother. Handle times decrease, first call resolutions increase, caller satisfaction improves, and so much more. 

Up and Running in 30 Days

How to Plan, Build, and Run A New Agent Training Program That Works

Learn a 5-stage process for building and running a training program that gets new agents comfortably and competently taking calls in 30 days or less.

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Up and Running in 30 Days

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Empower your agents to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time.

It can be challenging to empower agents to comfortably handle any process, at any time. You need the right combination of tools, systems, and solutions in place to make this a reality. We're here to help.