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Empower your agents to handle any call with minimal training

Allow your trainers to spend more time coaching and teaching agents, and less time telling them where to click and what to say

Build a world class call center where agents can quickly and successfully adapt to changes with less stress

You have a vision for how your ideal call center could function: every agent would be able to answer questions without putting customers on hold to ask a supervisor. 

And you may even have a plan to get there. Unfortunately, you are too busy putting out everyday fires, leaving you with no bandwidth to make your vision a reality. 

That’s where ScreenSteps comes in. ScreenSteps provides the guidance, technology, and expertise to help your call center run smoother.

Picture this: a vision for saving time and money in your call center

With ScreenSteps’ searchable knowledge base software, call centers have taken their vision for a high-functioning call center and made it their reality.

18 Pitfalls When Scaling Call Center Guide

18 Pitfalls to Avoid When Scaling Your Call Center

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18 Pitfalls When Scaling Call Center Guide

Decrease the need for agent memorization and increase productivity

ScreenSteps makes it easy to adopt best practices for empowering your agents to handle complex situations.

  • Reduce memorization in your training

  • Help every agent handle complex calls

  • Update agent guides in real time

  • Use data to ensure accountability



Reduce memorization in your training

Lengthy memorization requirements — that inevitably change over time — are a roadblock for call center agents. But what if you could remove the need to memorize?

By cutting out memorization, call center agents are more efficient while achieving incredible results.

How It Works



Help every agent handle complex calls

Often your top agents carry a larger load because they are the only ones capable of handling complex calls. ScreenSteps helps lighten that burden.

When you fill your knowledge base with step-by-step guides, every agent in your company becomes an expert. By following the guides, they no longer need to put callers on hold or ask their neighbors questions.

Boost Your Knowledge Base



Update agent guides in real time

Agents need guides they can rely on. In order to keep all employees on the same page and provide current information to customers, you need your guides to be current — no excuses. 

With ScreenSteps, you can create 4x the documents in ¼ of the time using simple tools that allow you to update articles in minutes instead of weeks.

What Tools Are Available?



Use data to ensure accountability

Your knowledge base is a living part of your company, which means it will be changing regularly. As you add or update new procedures, you need to know how to optimize your articles — which is where ScreenSteps analytics comes in.

Using analytics, you can track how your employees are using the knowledge base: who is using it, what words they use to search for call flows (and if they are finding them), and which articles they are viewing.

How To Track Your Progress


We’re here to help you achieve your vision

Setting up a new software system in your company can be a daunting task — but we’re here so you don’t have to do it alone. 

From developing a content and training strategy to importing and updating articles, our coaches will help train your team with a weekly coaching session to ensure you achieve the vision you have for your call center.

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What our customers are saying

“ScreenSteps allowed us to format our documentation into call flows, and that has improved our agent metrics across the board because the call flows walk agents through step-by-step what they should do on any type of call.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Business Process Outsourcer

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“We used to have videos — but nobody watched them after initial training. So later on, our staff would make mistakes and say, "I didn't know." With the Chrome Extension, the tutorials are front and center and you can open it up to find what you need, copy and paste, and reference whenever you need it. It's also reduced interruptions and me having to answer the same process questions over and over.”

Samantha | Trainer

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