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Reduce agent mistakes, questions, and training time with interactive call flows, troubleshooting guides, training & performance support, and more.

Build a call center where every agent can confidently handle any call, no matter the complexity

When call centers rely on tribal knowledge, shoulder taps, or hard-to-find and hard-to-follow documentation, metrics suffer. 

To drive real operational improvements, you need to create a better system for transferring knowledge from call center supervisors and trainers to call center agents (both new and tenured). 

With an integrated knowledge base software and training & performance support solution, you can create an environment where agents are confident handling any call consistently, no matter the complexity, all with less training and less supervision. 

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It's time to say goodbye to tribal knowledge and solve the knowledge transfer problem for good.

When call centers and contact centers implement a knowledge transfer strategy that puts knowledge at their agents' fingertips, right when they need it, they create a sustainable team of consistent, confident, and independent agents.

This results in faster training, improved metrics, and a stress-free workplace. 

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Less memorization

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Faster training

How contact centers use ScreenSteps to improve performance and reduce training time

Improving performance and training at your contact center requires creating a better system for transferring knowledge from those who know to those who do. To transfer knowledge faster and more effectively, you need two key components: better technology and better frameworks.



Knowledge Base Software

Create, manage, and use digital guides for consistent & independent agents

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Find & Follow

A proven framework for faster agent training and better call center performance.

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Guide call center agents through complex procedures and tasks with confidence

When you equip your agents with a knowledge base software that allows them to easily find and follow the right process, at the right time, everything runs smoother. Handle times decrease, first call resolutions increase, caller satisfaction improves, and so much more. 


Transfer actionable knowledge to your agents faster and more effectively

Improving the operational efficiencies at your contact center requires more than just a new software. It requires a change in the way we think about and use knowledge. 

The Find & Follow Framework is made up of four systems, all designed to help you transfer actionable knowledge to your call center agents in a fast and effective way. Ultimately, Find & Follow removes the reliance on agent memorization. Instead, agents are trained to find and follow easy-to-use digital guides to solve problems and complete tasks. Here's how it works: 

  • Prepare

  • Train

  • Empower

  • Adapt

Prepare System


Prepare your knowledge resources

Transferring actionable knowledge to call center agents starts with preparing the right digital guides and training resources. 

The Prepare System includes two parts:

  1. Align your training and operations teams and define what agents need to know, what they need to be able to do, and how they should do it
  2. Design and refine digital guides that agents can easily find and follow while on the phone with a customer
Prepare System


Train on what matters

Call center agents only memorize the necessary foundational knowledge and then learn to follow digital guides for everything else.

The Train System consists of four parts:

  1. Break up the areas of an agents job into bite-sized topics
  2. Provide foundational courses of the high-level information needed for each topic
  3. Run through dozens of practice activities to get your agents comfortable using digital guides
  4. Rinse and repeat for each topic area
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Empower agents

In Find & Follow, agents rely on the digital guides to do their work just like a cook relies on recipes to make meals. 

The Empower System consists of three steps:

  1. Agents rely on digital guides to perform tasks and solve problems
  2. Supervisors and managers redirect agent questions back to the knowledge base
  3. Supervisors and managers invest in continuous optimization of the knowledge base
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Adapt to change

Find & Follow allows your team effortlessly adapt to small changes and confidently adjust to major changes such as a new CRM/ERP, merger/acquisition, or any other transformative change.

The Adapt System consists of three steps:

  1. Analyze the impact of the change
  2. Prepare the guides and resources needed to adapt to the change
  3. Notify agents of the changes to the digital guides
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How to Plan, Build, and Run A New Agent Training Program That Works

Learn a 5-stage process for building and running a Find & Follow Training program that gets new agents comfortably and competently taking calls in 30 days or less.

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See how other contact centers are using a ScreenSteps to improve their operations with these success stories

Call centers who implement the Find & Follow Framework and knowledge base software see less mistakes, fewer questions, shorter training times, and better operational performance. 

Here are a few customer success stories to spark some inspiration.

Decrease in Time to Proficiency
Decrease in Average Handle Time
Decrease in cross-training time
Decrease in new agent attrition

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