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Rapid authoring & iteration just got simpler

Never lose trust or accuracy in your knowledge base. Create, update, measure, and certify digital guides from one easy action panel. 


Maintain accuracy with ease so users never lose faith in your knowledge base

Maintaining trust and accuracy is crucial for a successful knowledge base. Without that, users will fall back on tribal knowledge and word-of-mouth assistance.

The Author Action Panel empowers you and your contributors to keep that trust.

With one easy click, you and your team can easily create, update, measure, and certify your knowledge base without disrupting your workflow or leaving the published knowledge base.

One-click-access to essential content management tools

You need your knowledge base to adapt as quickly as you do. The Author Action Panel gives you quick and easy access to all of your essential content management tools for rapid authoring & iterations. 

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Notice missing content? Quickly create new articles, chapters, or manuals from the Author Action Panel, without having to navigate back to the admin section.

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Update & maintain articles on the fly with the Author Action Panel. Add additional search terms directly in the panel to improve an article's findability. 

Measure Articles Icon


At-a-glance data allows you to see how many views an article has in the last 30 days. This gives you quick insights into the effectiveness of your knowledge base.

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Assign & Certify

Quickly assign articles for review to different contributors, see when an article's certification expires, or certify an article yourself from the same view. 


How to Keep a Knowledge Base Up to Date (11 Steps)

An outdated knowledge base leads to confusion, mistakes, and lower employee performance scores.

So how do you keep your knowledge base from becoming outdated? Follow these 11 steps to create a plan for maintaining your knowledge base.

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Additional insights to maintain knowledge base accuracy

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