Permissions Management

Secure your company’s content with simplified permissions management

Keep your content in the right hands without overloading employees with unnecessary information

Grant employees access to exactly what they need — nothing more, nothing less

Don’t overload your employees with information they don’t need. Using permissions management, you provide your employees access to view and edit appropriate processes depending on their roles. 

It’s the Goldilocks Complex — give your employees the “just right” amount of access. And the permissions are simple to manage and don’t take long to set up.

Powerful permissions simplified

Your team is made up of different roles and partners outside of the company. With permissions management, provide them access to the content they need.

  • Control access

  • Manage authoring permissions

  • Differentiate roles

  • Simplify the sign-on process

Permissions Management


Control access to your content

Too much information can be overwhelming and distracting for employees. Cut down the clutter by controlling access to your content with flexible viewing permissions. Employees won’t see information that doesn’t matter to them.

For example you can give a user access to an entire manual, or just a few articles in that manual.

Permissions Management
Managing Authoring Permissions


Manage authoring permissions

Get everyone involved with flexible authoring permissions. Differentiate between authors and administrators. This allows employees with lower access levels to edit articles while still authorizing admins access to a wider range of materials.

You can allow some users to have full publishing rights, allow others to contribute content but not publish, or even give them review-only permissions.

Managing Authoring Permissions


Differentiate roles

Setting up permissions for who gets access to which articles can take hours. Simplify the process by determining who gets to see which pages according to their role in the company. 

You can even set up groups that differentiate between employees, partners, customers, and consultants.



Simplify the sign-on process with single sign-on

No more forgetting passwords. By using single sign-on, employees are able to log into ScreenSteps through your already existing user management system (i.e. Azure Active Directory, GSuite, Salesforce, Okta, OneLogin, or any other applications that support SAML).



Do you integrate with an active directory?

How can I add users?

Do you support SCIM?

How granular are the viewing permissions?

How granular are the authoring permissions?


Need help planning your user permissions before launching ScreenSteps in your organization?

Make your migration to ScreenSteps easier. Our support team can help you develop a strategy for authenticating and managing your users and permissions.

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What our customers are saying

“The fact that you have so many features at your fingertips and the fact that you can actually USE all them, make ScreenSteps the best product on the market for training. We've loved it here and it has brought us much better results than what we were doing beforehand. It's a great product with a great customer service department and they keep delivering value.

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“With ScreenSteps, new agents don’t seem to have any calls that they shudder with. They feel confident handling any type of call within the first 15 days of being hired (even the more involved calls), and by day 45 they are pretty much experts.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Business Process Outsourcer

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“It's hard to decide if I like the software or the support best. Response times are fast, and only take one request. In one word — superb.”

Gary | Chairman and CEO of a Small Business

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