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Whether you're building a knowledge base from scratch or revamping your existing guides, content creation can seem like the Mt. Everest of production. With the fear of a fast approaching product or system launch deadline looming before you, prioritizing content and learning complicated tools can slow the production process down.

The problem is some tools have too many unnecessary bells and whistles while others don’t have enough to get your message across. We’ve included and optimized the most important content production tools to give you a powerful, fast, and simple authoring experience.

Meet the tools that transform your content creation mountains into hills

Communicate concise instructions that are easy for your employees to follow.

  • Write user-friendly processes

  • Capture images

  • Format for effectiveness

  • Manage the process



Write user-friendly processes

Avoid clunky explanations that are difficult to understand. In ScreenSteps, you can combine words and images to better explain your processes

The visuals and text complement each other to walk employees through the procedures. Text options include text explanations, tables, bulleted tips, and warnings.



Capture images with built-in screenshot tools

No more copying and pasting images!

With the built-in screen capture tool, you don’t need a 3rd party tool to upload screenshots into your articles. Screenshots are dropped directly into the guide you have open. 

What will you do with the hours of time you will save when you don't have to fuss with copying and pasting screenshots?



Format for effectiveness

Make your content intuitive to follow by formatting it so it can be ready and understood quickly. Besides text and screenshots, you can insert checklists, foldable sections, pop-up links, table of contents, and styled text blocks. You can even embed forms and videos from 3rd-party services.

When your guides are formatted clearly, your employees can do their jobs faster with fewer mistakes.



Manage the process

Filling a knowledge base is no easy task. Use the author management tools to help keep your whole team on track. 

Set the article status and owner to make sure it gets reviewed by a coworker. Or flag an article as needing an update. You can even discuss article content revisions using Revision Notes.


A content creation system optimized for creating docs in minutes or hours, not days or weeks

Combine text, images, videos, and more to drive the conversation in your employee guides.


Integrated annotations

Conveniently place annotations — including arrows and numbers — into your guides to illustrate processes.

foldable sections

Foldable sections

Insert foldable sections that drop down to provide additional information and explanations.

text blocks

Formatted text blocks

Keep copy organized with text boxes that can include explanations, tables tips, warnings, and more.


Pop-up links

Draw attention to vital information with content that slides onto the screen.

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See how easy it is to create digital guides in ScreenSteps

Explore our pre-recorded demo videos to see the ScreenSteps knowledge base in action. 

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What our customers are saying

“ScreenSteps slices in half the time it takes to create content. Those who are contributing often comment on how easy it is to create content.”

Derek Cisler | Training Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

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“We have had serious issues keeping documentation up-to-date for our users, but Screensteps has resolved the issue because it's so quick to replace screenshots and push new articles.”

G2 Customer Review

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“No one integrates screenshots in documentation as well as ScreenSteps.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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