Ensure end-users never miss important updates to policies and procedures

Send announcements and notices directly to ScreenSteps end-users so users are always up-to-date.

All of your important updates in one place

Policies and procedures are changing all the time. Ensure your employees and customers are aware of these changes in real-time.

ScreenSteps notifications allow you to push important updates to users directly in the platform, rather than via email, Slack, or Teams, where information is easily lost. This gives you an organized view of changes and the chronological change log.

Track who views and acknowledges your notifications to keep your team accountable, ensure your organization is compliant, and make sure everyone is up to date.

2 types of notifications to keep your team up to date at all times

Choose between notices or announcements to send the right notification to your users based on priority and desired outcomes.


Send updates and changes that require user acknowledgement for complete accountability.


Perfect for company-wide updates that don’t require action from your end-users.


Ensuring your users are using the most up-to-date policies and procedures can be difficult, especially in environments with quick changes and required compliance. 

Notices allow admins to send notifications to users that require individual users to acknowledge they have seen the message

Easily send, monitor, track, and resend acknowledgements from one central hub. 


Announcements allow you to send company-wide updates and notifications that do not require actions or acknowledgement from your users. 

This allows admins to quickly and easily send important announcements that won't get lost in a user's inbox or Slack thread. Users have one, easy-to-find location for all important announcements.


Can I see who has seen the notifications I send out?

Can I send out notifications to specific individuals or groups?

How are users notified of notifications?

Can anyone send out notifications?

What plans include notifications?

What our customers are saying

“With ScreenSteps, new agents don’t seem to have any calls that they shudder with. They feel confident handling any type of call within the first 15 days of being hired (even the more involved calls), and by day 45 they are pretty much experts.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Business Process Outsourcer

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“One of the biggest sellers was searchability for the end-users. In the old system, not being able to find something was a huge delay in work. We didn’t quantify how much time was lost, but we knew it was slowing the process down. So searchability and bringing everything into one place was the top priority when starting.”

Gretchen Fulmer | Instructional Designer | WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

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“We get a lot of good comments about our documentation. People love and appreciate when they can see a scenario that they're trying to figure it out and it's literally stepping them right through it. Overall, we have really good scores and we usually keep our customer satisfaction above 95%.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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Use a knowledge base to quickly and effectively react to change

Learn how to better react to policy and procedure changes with these tips that will help make your team compliant.

Start your journey towards knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees today

Wave goodbye to PDF files and Word docs. Move your business forward with a knowledge base that keeps you organized and efficient.