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Integrations make it easier for your employees to access the help guides they need

Reduce friction for your employees with single sign-on and other integrations

Integrations - Single Sign-on
Integrations - Sign in

Single sign-on: Simplify employee access and user management

We all have too many usernames and passwords to remember. With single sign-on, you can simplify the login process for your employees by allowing them to log into ScreenSteps via the applications your business already uses.

ScreenSteps supports the SAML authentication protocol, allowing you to integrate with many single sign-on providers, including Office 365, GSuite, Okta, OneLogin, Salesforce, and many others.

Integrations - Sign in

Integrate your ScreenSteps knowledge base with these tools and softwares


Browser extension: Give your employees access to the guides they need in the apps you already use

No more flipping back and forth between web browser tabs to get the information you need. Gain immediate access to answers with context-sensitive help.

After integrating the ScreenSteps Browser Extension, simply click the blue bell logo on the side of your screen. Based on where your employee is working in the application, they will see guides to help them complex simple or complex tasks.


APIs: Publish to 3rd-party applications, automate processes, and manage your users

If you need custom integrations, you can use the ScreenSteps API to manage your content, publish it to 3rd party platforms, or manage/provision your users.

Here are some ways that our customers use our APIs:

  1. Publish content from their ScreenSteps account to 3rd-party knowledge bases or content management systems
  2. Work with translation services to translate their guides
  3. Manage users and groups using our SCIM API

iFrames: Embed ScreenSteps content in your web applications

Sometimes you just need your ScreenSteps content to show up in a web application that you already use. Using iFrames, you can embed your entire ScreenSteps site or individual articles. ScreenSteps will automatically strip out headers and footers so that the ScreenSteps content is displayed appropriately in the iframe.



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