Make hands-on training more memorable

Use ScreenSteps to make your hands-on training more sticky

Instead of making learners remember everything there is to know (information dump), it's a good idea to teach learners how to use your job aids

Training Designer,

Away with information dumps

Far too many training sessions are filled with endless slides and demonstrations. The idea is that if we say it and show it, employees in attendance will know it and do it.

The only problem is that we live in the real world. And in the real world, your employees will forget about 90% of what you say in less than a week. And even if they do know what to do, it doesn't always mean they'll do it.

ScreenSteps takes a different approach. Our philosophy is to design hands-on training with the expectation that employees will forget most of what you say, and to be prepared for it. So, instead of showing employees how to process an invoice and run a report, you show them how to use your job aids to process an invoice and run a report. With the ScreenSteps browser extension, this is a piece of cake.

Job aids right where users need them

While doing hands-on training, employees can pull up your job aids right on their screen while they perform the task. Just present them with a scenario (e.g. "You get a call requesting an invoice"), then ask them to pull up the job aid and follow the steps.

Decrease questions after training

Instead of employees emailing you every time they have a question, they will know where to go to find answers (and how to use those answers). You'll get more of your day back, and your employees will be able to work more independently.

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Train in the sandbox, work in production

When you train employees how to use Salesforce, you most likely do it in the sandbox environment. Then, when your employees are done training, they hop back into the production environment. Well, with ScreenSteps, you can push your job aids to either environment without having to recreate your materials (or mess with any code or API customization)

Less work for you, and a more consistent experience for your employees.

  • Push your job aids to any web application (Salesforce Classic, Lightning, NetSuite, PMWeb, Xero, etc.)
  • No coding, no API, no integration set up—just install the Chrome extension
  • Employees can search your entire knowledge base to find policies, processes, and procedures

Next time you do a lunch-and-learn, refresher course, or you update employees on a new workflow, use ScreenSteps during your hands-on training and make everybody's life easier.

Can I train on Salesforce Lightning?

Absolutely. Lightning, Classic, and whatever else Salesforce comes up with. The Chrome browser extension will work with any web application.

What if my training is virtual?

Not all instructor-led training is done in a physical classroom. Sometimes you need to set up a GoToWebinar or a Webex and train people virtually.

You can still use the ScreenSteps browser extension to help employees learn their job. Ask them to all follow along as you pull up a job aid and complete a task.

We know that it's a little different than what you're used to doing—but that's why you're here. If what you've always done were working, you wouldn't be looking for training software to help.

Make your hands-on training experience a positive one for you and your employees.

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