Provide a Consistent Onboard Training Experience

Bring on new employees and let them learn when they are ready to learn

Onboard training is such an important part of the employee's experience. If they are confused about what to do at work, they'll be really frustrated with your company.

Training Specialist, Theramu

Let Employees Learn When They're Ready To Learn

One of the biggest challenges of training employees is scheduling a time that works for everybody. When employees are ready to learn, you and your team are busy. When you are ready to train, employees might not be ready to learn.

With ScreenSteps, you can provide a consistent onboard training experience for your employees when it's convenient for them. Whether you are onboarding new employees, onboarding employees to new technology, or onboarding employees to new internal positionsScreenSteps will enable you to create amazing training materials from scratch, and enable your employees to view them any time, any place.

Let Employees Drive

When you do instructor-led training, employees aren't able to go at their own pace. With ScreenSteps, you can create courses and contextual help that allow employees to learn when they are ready, and control the pace of the learning.

Get More Hours Back In Your Day

When you train users at the wrong time (i.e. they are not ready to learn), you waste a lot of time. Not only does training take time, but the endless follow-up emails take up a lot of your day as well. With ScreenSteps, employees can bring up your training materials (instead of emailing you) whenever they have questions.

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Replace Your Emails That Are Littered With Links

We know how it goes. When you onboard employees, you send them dozens of emails with links, attachments, and lots of information. You might even use email marketing software to automate an email drip (so your employees don't get overwhelmed all at once). 

You definitely get props for trying. But with ScreenSteps, you can give your employees a much better onboarding experience.

  • Assign courses to employees and track their engagement/completion
  • Employees can easily return to partially completed courses
  • Employees can find helpful job aids in the web apps they use for work when they have a question

Onboarding employees is a critical time in their lives. If you can help them smoothly transition into their new environment, they're more likely to stick around longer, be more productive earlier on, and be able to work independently with more confidence.

Is ScreenSteps an LMS?

ScreenSteps has some LMS functionality, but it's not technically an LMS. You wouldn't use ScreenSteps to track your Ethics and Compliance training or your Security Awareness training.

ScreenSteps is designed for managers and trainers who need to create custom training material related to internal policies, processes, and procedures. You can track employee engagement and completion, but ScreenSteps does not have the capability of incorporating SCORM files or creating quizzes.

Can I create quizzes in ScreenSteps?

Unfortunately, you cannot. If you use other software to create quizzes such as Google Forms, TypeForm, or another service, you can embed your quizzes into ScreenSteps so that employees can take the quiz from within ScreenSteps. You just won't be able to view quiz scores from within the ScreenSteps Admin panel.

If your onboard training is disorganized (or nonexistent), ScreenSteps can help you do it right.

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