Rolling Out Cloud Software in Your Business?

Use ScreenSteps to create custom CRM Onboarding aids that employees can use during (and after) training

We used the ScreenSteps training methodology and tools, and this round of Salesforce training went far better than the previous round of training. Our users are actually excited to begin using Salesforce.

Salesforce Trainer, Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Create Custom Training Aids For Your Implementation

When small and midsize businesses move to cloud systems such as Salesforce, Dynamics, Netsuite, PMWeb, or an ERP, there is a lot of customizing. Which means that the generic training slides and product documentation won't be very helpful to your employees.

You need CRM Onboarding material that teaches your employees how to use your system using your processes. With ScreenSteps, you can create custom training documentation in a fraction of the time it would normally take with Word, PowerPoint, or InDesign.

One-of-a-kind Editor

Create custom training materials with the ScreenSteps desktop editor. It includes screen capture, image annotation, text editing, and dozens of other options to make content creation a piece of cake. No other training system gives you the authoring tools that ScreenSteps does.

Collaborate with SMEs

Recruit your subject matter experts (SMEs) to help you create training docs. ScreenSteps makes it easy to collaborate with your team and with other departments. You can easily roll back to previous revisions, add notes, and control who can publish content.

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Make Your Instructor-led Training More Memorable

The #1 complaint employees have about training is that once it is over, they go back to their desk and cannot remember what they just "learned" for 8 hours. 

That also happens to be the #1 frustration trainers have about employees.

With ScreenSteps, that doesn't have to be the case. Use the Chrome browser extension to push your training aids right inside the software you are training users on. If you are training employees on Salesforce, push your Opportunities training aids and SOPs so that they appear in the Opportunities object. During your training, employees can easily pull up your aids and practice using them.

Employees will be more engaged during training. And they will know where to go for help after training is over.

  • Decrease the time it takes to train employees
  • Give employees confidence that they can use your new technology
  • Improve adoption with clearer instructions

If you are about to implement new cloud technology in your business, use ScreenSteps to boost your instructor-led training so employees walk away confident they can use your new software.

Do you offer services to help us organize training materials?

We do! After you sign up for ScreenSteps, our team will schedule a time with you to discuss your training strategy and how to implement your strategy using ScreenSteps.

Can I still use my old training materials?

Absolutely! If you have content in Word documents, you can bring that into ScreenSteps. And if you have PowerPoint slides, you can re-purpose that material and use it in your ScreenSteps tutorials.

Don't leave your software implementation to chance. Use ScreenSteps to give your employees an amazing training experience.

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