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What is Zero Memorization Training Training?

Zero Memorization Training focuses on teaching employees how to handle day-to-day situations by referencing your support resources. This approach reduces the time it takes to train employees and it helps employees be more proficient after the training is over.

The key to success with Zero Memorization Training is to focus on teaching users how to help themselves when they don't know what to do vs. trying to help them memorize every bit of information they might need. One customer saw average call handle times drop by 90 seconds after moving from their legacy wiki to ScreenSteps.

Pre-training courses

Knowledge base usage during training events

Post training support through the knowledge base

Pre Training Courses

Scenario-Based Support During Instructor Led Training

Post Training Knowledge Base and Workflow Article Support

Zero Memorization and Better Results!

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How does ScreenSteps help with Zero Memorization Training?

The rapid authoring tools in ScreenSteps allow training developers to quickly build out scenario guides and update/adapt them as they receive feedback from scenario participants.

During instructor led sessions, many of our training clients will be updating content and adding new scenarios while the session is going on. This ability to be extremely agile allows them to quickly optimize the guides ensuring successful outcomes.

  • Rapid authoring
  • Rapid iteration
  • Pre-training courses
  • Integrated Search
  • Decision Tree (Workflow) articles to help employees adapt to any scenario
  • Contextual Web Application Help
  • Integrated Usage Analytics

Real ROI

Using Zero Memorization Training, ScreenSteps has helped organizations save hundreds of thousands of dollars in training and employee scaling costs.

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Using Zero Memorization Training training our customers have been able to drive impressive results.

Decrease total training time from 4 weeks to 10 days

60% improvement

Decrease time to proficiency for new hires from 60 days to 6

90% improvement

Decrease post training follow up support time from 6 weeks to 1 week

84% improvement

Drop Word and use ScreenSteps. Make your knowledge-transfer strategy work.

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