Zero Memorization: a modern approach to employee training and performance support

Reduce employee questions and mistakes while decreasing training time by up to 90%

What is Zero Memorization?

Zero Memorization allows employees to perform simple or complex tasks — whether that is while they are on the phone with a customer or working independently on an in-house assignment — without having to memorize any information. Instead of relying on their memories, employees use interactive guides to answer questions, make decisions, and complete procedures.

Zero Memorization by the numbers


Up to 90%

Faster ramp-up time for new employees.

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Reduction in post-training support time.

phone-call flows


Reduction in Average Hold Time.

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+8 points

Increase in QA scores.

Spend less time training and fast forward to better results

Remove the repetition from training and replace it with instruction that actually provides employees with the tools they need to work independently.

  • Pre-training courses

  • Scenario-based practice

  • Post-training support

Employee Training


Pre-training courses

Save time in face-to-face training by preparing employees with pre-training courses. By introducing basic concepts before training, you free up time in the instructor-led training so that they can focus on high-level instruction. These self-paced courses help new hires show up to instructor-led training already knowing the basics and ready to tackle more advanced topics.

Employee Training
Employee Onboarding


Scenario-based practice

Instead of cramming mountains of information into your employees’ heads, put Zero Memorization into practice. Build confidence by practicing real-world scenarios using your knowledge base to find answers to the questions. 

Essentially, you are handing them a toolkit so they will always have the resources to solve their own problems/questions. Employees don't memorize information. They learn to find the information they need, when they need it.

Employee Onboarding
Zero Memorization


Post-training support

After training, your employees continue to use your guides to handle each situation they come across. They make fewer mistakes and they don't need to be retrained when a process changes — because they haven't memorized the information. All you need to do is update your call flows, procedures, and troubleshooting guides as needed.

Your team will always have the most current and accurate information your company can provide. No more re-training or endless questions.
Zero Memorization
Zero Memorization

Faster ramp up times

It’s no secret — training isn’t cheap. And the longer it takes for you to train an employee, the more it costs the company. ScreenSteps allows employees to learn smarter, not harder. This translates to faster ramp up times that decrease training time by up to 90%.

Zero Memorization

Seamlessly update employees on procedure changes

When there is a change in a process or procedure, how do you ensure your whole team has the latest information? With Zero Memorization, the changes are right there in the system where your employees are working. No need for additional training.


Reduce employee mistakes

When employees don't have to memorize information, they make fewer mistakes. With articles, checklists, prompts, and decision trees that walk your employees through simple or complex processes, your employees no longer have to rely on their memory.

Employee Training Program

Get help implementing a Zero Memorization training program

It can be challenging to incorporate new training concepts into companies. To ease the transition, we have coaches available to support your team as you adopt Zero Memorization. Our coaches can help you set realistic goals and ensure that you achieve them.

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Employee Training Program


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Empower your employees by leaving the flashcards and quizzes behind

Say goodbye to old-fashioned training methods and embrace Zero Memorization. Get started with these instructive resources.

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