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3 Questions that Help You Achieve Better Outcomes

Greg DeVore - Oct 19, 2017 3:12:00 PM

ScreenSteps offers some exciting possibilities for delivering the information your teammates need right where they need it - in the browser. But without a little bit of a plan, you can run into one of two problems:

  1. Never getting started. You aren't sure what to put in each article or channel, so you end up continuously planning.
  2. Adding too much. You dump everything into the contextual help. There is so much information that your teammates can't filter out what is most important.

The best way to avoid both of these problems is to focus on the problem to be solved.

Three questions to ask

Here are three questions you can ask yourself to start generating some ideas of problems you can solve with ScreenSteps:

  1. What job are you doing that you would like to delegate?
  2. What mistakes (e.g. bad data) do you regularly have to fix?
  3. What questions (e.g. "how do I...?) do you regularly get asked?

For example, if you would like to delegate the job of creating the monthly report to someone, that would be a perfect article to add to ScreenSteps.

Or, if you regularly have to correct invoices that are generated by your team, then create an article for that. It will show up right on the screen when they are creating invoices.

Or maybe your team is always asking you how to assign a customer account to a new project owner. Create an article for that.

Here is a picture of our own ScreenSteps account on the Invoice: Edit screen in Xero.


When you answer these three questions, what you are really doing is analyzing the gaps in your business. ScreenSteps can help you fill those gaps and make your whole team more productive.



Greg DeVore

Greg DeVore

CEO of ScreenSteps

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