ScreenSteps in Action

Pre-Recorded Demo Videos

Learn exactly how each member of your team would use ScreenSteps. When you're ready to take the next step, schedule time to speak with a specialist. 

Overview Demo Video

This first video will give you a high-level view of how ScreenSteps will look for your whole team.

ScreenSteps for end-users and admins

In this video, Jonathan gives a high-level overview of what ScreenSteps will look like for your end-users, admins, and contributors. 

This video will give you a good idea of how your team can use ScreenSteps. 

The End-User Experience

Explore the videos below to learn how your agents and end-users will use ScreenSteps to minimize mistakes and reduce training time. 

Article Types

This video outlines the three different article types in ScreenSteps:

  • Standard Articles
  • Interactive Checklist Articles
  • Workflow Articles (Decision Trees)

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Sidebar Navigation

This video will introduce you to the ScreenSteps sidebar navigation and how end-users can use that to navigate to different articles, manuals, and chapters. 


The Content Creation Experience

Learn how your trainers, managers, and/or content creators will use ScreenSteps to easily create better policies and procedures.

Creating Content in ScreenSteps

In this video, Jonathan will explain how you can create interactive checklists in ScreenSteps. 

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The Admin Experience

ScreenSteps empowers admins to better manage and analyze how users are using the software. Learn more below.

Analytics & Permissions

This video will give you a good overview of the ScreenSteps Admin area. This is where you will manage your content, users, permissions, and reports.

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