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Integrated knowledge base software and training & performance solution to ensure your team follows the right process, at the right time, every time.

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Call center operations and training

Increase QA scores, reduce questions, and improve time to proficiency by building a robust online searchable knowledge base to keep everyone in your call center on the same page.

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Business/IT operations and training

Increase productivity, reduce mistakes, and decrease training time by helping your employees adopt new procedures and handle complex situations without needing additional help. 

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What you can do with a ScreenSteps Knowledge Base

Capture your company’s unique procedures with customizable, step-by-step guides that enhance employee performance.

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A modern approach to training and performance support

Instead of expecting employees to memorize how to perform each individual task, teach them how to find and follow the right process, at the right time, every time.  

Taking memorization out of the equation gives your employees the time and space to learn the things that really matter — the big picture. 

Discover the Find & Follow Framework

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The Ultimate Guide to Knowledge Base Software

What is a knowledge base? How much does a knowledge base cost?

This free resource will help you understand the basics of knowledge base software, determine if a knowledge base would be helpful for your company, and teach you how to go about choosing a knowledge base software for your business.

Knowledge Base 101

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How ScreenSteps helps your whole team

Reduce stress with our knowledge base software that helps each member of your team work at peak performance without burnout.

For call center agents 

Reduce stress by guiding your agents through complex calls.

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For employees

Simplify life for your employees with foolproof procedures.

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For content authors

Create help guides 4x faster than you currently are.

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For trainers, directors, and managers

Optimize employee performance, eliminate mistakes, and decrease training costs.

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What our customers are saying

“Our new reps didn’t have any first day jitters because they were using call flows. They were able to handle any call right out of the gate, and after a few weeks, our new reps had metrics that were better than our tenured reps.”

Stephanie Beal | Trainer, Call Center

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“Fifteen agents recently went through training with ScreenSteps and their performance is the BEST that this call center has seen from any new hire training class in the last year.”

Terry | Client Officer, Contact Center

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ScreenSteps gave me such a massive advantage and is part of the reason why I'm in the position I'm in. I am now capable of coming into organizations and completely revamping their training and their processes because I have a secret weapon. No one else can move as fast, no one else can get things done as quickly.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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