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Stop answering questions and fixing mistakes, and start empowering independent and consistent employees

When employees don't know how to perform tasks or procedures, teams get stressed out. With the right technology, frameworks, and habits, employees are empowered to easily find and follow the digital guides they need, without assistance or supervision.

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A better and faster way to transfer knowledge

The key to developing independent, consistent, and confident employees is to create a better way to transfer knowledge from those who "know" to those who "do".

With the right technologies, frameworks, and habits, you can create an environment where consistently accurate information is readily available at all times.

This empowers employees to be more productive with shorter training and less supervision.

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How teams use ScreenSteps to improve employee performance & training

Teams leverage a ScreenSteps knowledge base in three ways to improve employee performance while reducing the amount of training and post-training support. 

Real results our customers have seen

Decrease in Average Handle Time
Increase in speed to proficiency
Reduction in post-training support time
Reduction in training budget

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Knowledge base software to guide end-users through every process, every time

With a ScreenSteps knowledge base, your employees or customers can easily find and follow any process within seconds. Think of it like Google for your business.

Rapid authoring tools make creating digital guides, SOPs, checklists, and call flows simple.

User analytics give you insights into which users are using which job aids, empowering you to make data-driven decisions in real-time.

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Improve employee performance with the Find & Follow Framework

Traditional training practices — such as PowerPoint presentations or trainer demonstrations — are broken. It takes months and leaves employees nervous, inexperienced, and unprepared to work independently.

Find & Follow Training takes memorization out of the equation. Instead, employees only need to remember one thing  — how to find the resource they need at the moment they need it. 

This develops knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less.

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Start your journey towards knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees

Knowledge at your fingertips

  • SOPs

  • Call flows

  • Browser extension

  • Troubleshooting guides

  • Search

  • Content certification

Standard operating procedures

Help end-users know what to do, when to do it, and in which order to perform tasks.

Create standard operating procedures (SOPs) to guide your end-users through tasks and help them avoid making mistakes.

SOPs come in many forms, including job aids, checklists, reference guides, policies, procedures, how-to guides, call center scripts, and more.

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Interactive call flows

Call center agents have a lot of information to learn. Memorization leaves no room for human error.

When agents know which order to ask questions in, it decreases their Average Handle Time. Replicate that efficiency with call center scripts and call flows. 

Interactive call flows prompt agents so they know what to say, ask, and do without any memorization. 

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Employee context-sensitive help

Sometimes your employees don't know which questions to ask or which guides are available.

With context-sensitive help, you can answer questions before employees have a chance to ask them. The browser extension puts your checklists and procedures right where your employees need them.

They never have to wonder if a guide exists or waste time searching for one. Everything appears on the screen where they are working.

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Troubleshooting guides for complex procedures

How much time do your most knowledgeable employees spend resolving issues? What if you could replicate their process?

Troubleshooting guides help you gather expert knowledge and put it into step-by-step procedures anyone could follow. 

That leads to increased productivity in your organization and reduced burnout of your most experienced people.

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Online searchable knowledge base

Employees have questions — your online searchable knowledge base could have all the answers. 

An online searchable knowledge base is like having a personal Google Search that exclusively crawls your knowledge base articles, procedures, call flows, and troubleshooting guides. 

That means employees can find the answers they need without having to bother or rely on anyone else.

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Content certification for accuracy

When you have hundreds of resource articles, keeping track of each article can be difficult. Especially, when those articles are changing and evolving regularly.

Ensuring accuracy and accountability is critical to building and maintaining a trustworthy knowledge base for your employees.

With content certifications, you are prompted to review and certify specific articles are up to date.

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