Put Your Answers Where Employees Have Questions

ScreenSteps enables you to put your policies, processes, and procedures in the web apps that your employees are working in with contextual help tools.

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Search Your Knowledge Base

When your employees have a question while working in Salesforce, Netsuite, Unit 4, or any web app, they can search your ScreenSteps knowledge base in one click. With our Chrome browser extension, employees can quickly pull up a search box, type in their question, and the browser extension will show employees your knowledge base articles that match their keywords.


View Articles From Any Web App

When employees find the article they need, they can simply pull up the article right there. No need to navigate away to the knowledge base - the Chrome extension displays your help article right on the web app your employees are working in.

What’s great is that my staff can go to the documentation instead of interrupting me and taking us both off task for a while. Plus, people can cover for each other when staff is out.

Manager, Texas Premier Safeguard, Inc.


Suggest Articles for Any Web App

When employees are looking at a Salesforce object, you can suggest specific articles for that specific object. Or if employees are looking at a specific tab in Netsuite, Unite 4, etc. you can suggest articles from your knowledge base that match the specific tab. This is great for when employees ask the same 10 questions over and over - simply suggest the 10 articles that answer those questions where employees typically ask those questions.


Granular Context

With our contextual help tools, you can suggest articles based on broad criteria - e.g. "when an employee is in PMWeb, show these articles..." Or you can get granular so that when specific types of opportunities are being looked at in Salesforce, you can suggest a unique set of articles.


Group Views

When Sales Managers are looking at Opportunities, they have different questions than when Accounting is looking at Opportunities. ScreenSteps makes it easy to customize which articles appear based on the users.


Complete Checklists

Every time an employee needs to process an opportunity, or an invoice, or a vacation request, she can pull up a checklist you created in ScreenSteps. Checklists make it easy for employees to follow your standard operating procedure, and the Chrome browser extension makes it easy for employees to use your checklists as they perform the task.

Reduce the friction - put your training docs right where employees need them

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