Document Complex Procedures with a Workflow Article

The ScreenSteps Workflow Article allows you to create "Choose Your Own Adventure" style articles that navigate end-users through complex procedures

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Stop the Back-and-Forth Emails

With the Workflow Article, you can include decision branches for any situation, allowing you to preemptively address follow-up questions and scenarios right within the article. Perfect for troubleshooting, helping reps interact with customers, or creating self-service help articles. With no limit to the number of decision branches you can include in an article, you'll be able to document even the most complex procedure.


Replace Web Support Calls

The Workflow Article walks end-users through procedures better than you can over the web. You can include screenshots with annotations, video demonstrations, GIFs, checklists, or inline links to other ScreenSteps articles. Get as detailed as you need so that end-users can perform the task without any confusion (and without hopping on a call with you).

Workflow Article Explainer



Turn Flowcharts into Awesome Tutorials

Workflow Articles allow you to create easy-to-follow tutorials that you've documented as flowcharts. Walk readers through processes that include decisions, actions, and procedures in a visual way that is easy to follow.


Create Call Scripts for Contact Center Agents

Workflow Articles are the perfect solution if you need inside sales reps and support agents to handle calls with more finesse (and not put customers on hold). You can include call scripts to prompt reps and agents on what to say and include step-by-step instructions that show them what to do. Lower your handle times by 20% and increase quality ratings by 10.


Simple to Build

The drag-and-drop ScreenSteps editor makes it easy to create decision branches, grab screenshots and annotate them, write up step-by-step instructions, and build checklists. You can also incorporate video, tables, GIFs, and more. You'll be able to quickly create comprehensive articles that deflect unnecessary calls and back-and-forth emails.


View in the Chrome Extension

Your internal staff can click the ScreenSteps Chrome extension any time they have a question, and search for applicable Workflows. You can also use the contextual help feature to push specific Workflow Articles to the web apps that they use on a daily (or weekly, monthly, yearly) basis. Employees can no longer use the "I didn't know" excuse because workflow articles are right there, front and center.

Stop the unnecessary calls and back-and-forth emails with the Workflow Article.

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