Is Your Data Quality a Little Questionable?

Then you need Standard Operating Procedure Checklists that employees will actually use

We are using checklists for our internal SOPs and our team is loving it!

Planning and Coordintation Manager, BYU Idaho

Get More Consistent Results

Airline pilots, medical doctors, and cooks across the world all use checklists to improve performance. Now, so can your employees!

With ScreenSteps, you can create Standard Operating Procedure Checklists so your employees know exactly what to do. Whether it's onboarding new clients, processing an invoice, qualifying new leads, or preparing reports for the budget meeting, your checklists will help employees do the right thing every time so your business will get more consistent results (and management will get more accurate data).

Foldable Checklists

With ScreenSteps, you can create checklists that are perfect for both new employees and seasoned employees. Make each checklist item a high level task (e.g. "Set up an appointment") so your experienced employees can quickly glance at main items that need to be completed. Then, you can include foldable sections with all the step-by-step details for new employees (e.g. "Open Calendar > Click + New > Enter emails"). One checklist can serve any audience in your organization.

See Who's Completing Checklists

ScreenSteps tracks who views your checklists, who completes your checklists, and which checklist is most popular. You can quickly filter a report to show your boss the analytics, or use the analytics to check on whether employees struggling with mistakes are using your checklists.

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Push Checklists to the Web Apps Employees Use

Once you craft the perfect checklist, make it easy for employees to view the checklist while they do their job. Simply push the checklists to the web apps employees are using with the ScreenSteps browser extension. 

  • View checklists while working in the app
  • Checklist stays open even when employee navigates to different web pages
  • Works with any web application—most popular with Salesforce customers and PMWeb customers

If you want employees to follow specific procedures, then make it easy for your employees to find your SOPs and use your SOPs. With ScreenSteps, you can do both.

Can I include videos in the checklists?

Absolutely! If you are hosting your videos on Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, VidYard, etc. you can embed those videos into your checklist articles.

This works great if you want to have a video overview at the top, with the checklist procedures below.

Does the checklist only work in Chrome?

Good question. So, the checklist SOP is available in your knowledge base and can be viewed with any web browser.


...if you want to view the checklist in contextual help, you will need to use the Chrome extension that ScreenSteps developed.

Currently, the extension is only available for Chrome.

If employees are complaining that they don't know what to do (or how to do it), checklists will give them exactly what they need.

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