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See which employees are using your training materials and which content is most popular

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See Which Articles Have Been Viewed

You and your boss will probably want to see how much your training materials are being used. With ScreenSteps Knowledge Base Analytics, you can see which articles are being viewed the most, and which articles aren't getting as much love.


See Which Employees Are Looking

With ScreenSteps, you can also see which employees are using your materials, and which employees aren't. If an employee is struggling to follow procedures, you can check whether he is actually viewing your content at all.

We felt like our end-users were dialing our help desk instead of using our SharePoint site. When we switched to ScreenSteps, we tracked its usage and began seeing a lot more people viewing our ScreenSteps knowledge base. And the usage is growing each month.

Business Systems Manager, Advanced Tech


See Which Checklists Are Being Completed

Not only can you see which articles are being viewed, but you can also see which checklists are being completed (and who is completing them). If a procedure is failing, and users are completing the checklist, you'll know that you need to update your checklist to make it clearer.


Filter By Date

Drill down to specific dates to see how much your employees are beginning to look at your knowledge base.


Filter By Knowledge base or Extension

Where are employees viewing your content? In the knowledge base? Or from the Chrome browser extension? With ScreenSteps, you can easily see how many employees are using the extension to get help, or simply jumping right to your knowledge base.


View Course Completion and Progress

Does a manager want to know which of his employees hasn't completed training yet? With ScreenSteps, it's all right there. Simply jump to the course and view which employees are done, which employees haven't even started, and which employees are somewhere in the middle.

Give your boss specific data on who is viewing your training docs using knowledge base analytics

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