We Love to Teach

And we want to help businesses do a better job teaching employees

A little bit about us...

Well hello there! We are the ScreenSteps team, and we are thrilled that you are looking around our site. We usually don't like talking about ourselves, but since you're here, we assume that you'd like to learn a little about us.

In a nutshell, we love to teach. And we love helping others teach what they know.

While working with businesses, we noticed that many teams and departments struggled to train employees on internal procedures. So, we created a training model and built a cloud application to help trainers, managers, and subject matter experts createorganize, and deliver training materials for their co-workers and employees.

With ScreenSteps, your employees can quickly learn how to do their job and not be so stressed out all of the time. And you get to focus on doing your job instead of spending all of your time answering the same questions over and over.

Instructional Consultants

Greg and Trevor began helping medical device companies train doctors how to use medical device hardware and software. During this time, they realized there were no good tools for making software training guides. So they made their own.

ScreenSteps Live is Born

Greg and Trevor decided to commercialize their proprietary documentation software and build a cloud documentation platform. It began as a desktop documentation app and gradually grew into a solution for documentation teams who needed to collaborate on projects and organize documentation in an online, searchable knowledge base.

Employee Training Platform

Over several years of interviews, development, and experimentation, the ScreenSteps team released a suite of features for employee training. ScreenSteps can now be used to create courses, checklists, contextual help, and (of course) a knowledge base.

Team members who spent over 100 hours in community service this year


Team members who taught for at least 100 hours this year


Team members fluent in two languages


Team members who play at least one musical instrument


Our Team

Yes...we are brothers


Greg DeVore

Greg has a wealth of experience in working with media technologies. Until 2003, he worked in the film music industry, both composing music and training other musicians on the use of music composing and recording technologies. In 2003 he co-founded Blue Mango Learning Systems with his brother, Trevor. Together, they studied the customer training process in the ultrasound industry. Out of these studies came the initial concepts for the ScreenSteps Support Suite.


Trevor DeVore

Trevor has several years of experience developing media based training solutions. Prior to forming Blue Mango Learning Systems, he created e-learning solutions using technologies such as Director, Flash, Authorware, PHP, SQL Databases, QuickTime, and other multimedia authoring environments. It was his familiarity with the available authoring tools that made him aware of their weaknesses when creating e-learning solutions. Trevor focuses on developing software applications that hide complexity from the user. He speaks regularly on software development topics.


Jonathan DeVore

Jonathan is a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Virginia. He began his career with one of the Big 4 accounting firms, and consulted with Federal departments. As a consultant, he trained, audited, and wrote process documentation for information security programs. He left the world of accounting to head up Blue Mango's marketing efforts. Jonathan focuses on writing educational content that helps ScreenSteps users create better internal documentation and improve operations.

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