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Everything you need to know about the Find & Follow Framework

Transfer knowledge more effectively from those who know to those who do.

What is Find & Follow?

Find & Follow is a modern framework for employee training and performance support. 

Instead of thinking in terms of training and knowledge management, Find & Follow Organizations look at everything through the lens of knowledge operations.

This results in less stress, fewer mistakes, and more independent employees. 

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How is Find & Follow different?


Traditional organizations struggle with knowledge transfer. They rely on lectures, PowerPoints, shared drives, and messenger apps to transfer information to employees, who are then required to memorize the information. 

As employees inevitably forget the information they've been told, they rely on supervisors and tenured employees to jump in and help. This is what we can tribal knowledge. 

In Find & Follow Organizations, employees no longer rely on tribal knowledge and memorization.

Instead, a Find & Follow Organization is focused on centralized knowledge, standardized procedures, and just-in-time digital guides.

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What will Find & Follow help me do?



The Case for Building a Find & Follow Organization

Scale quickly, work efficiently, and offer world-class customer service by modernizing your knowledge operations.

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Who is Find & Follow right for?

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What environments does Find & Follow work in?

Because all of your organization's information and knowledge is stored in a centralized, cloud-based knowledge hub, you can implement the Find & Follow Framework in remote, in-person, and hybrid environments. 

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The Find & Follow Training Framework

The Find & Follow Training Framework can be used in onboarding new hires, cross-training, and other forms of training. It is made up of three phases:

  1. Provide foundational explanations for each area of learning
  2. Train on how to use the digital guides
  3. Practice activities where employees find and follow the digital guides

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How is the Find & Follow Training Framework different from traditional training methods?

How Traditional Training Compares to Find & Follow Training

Traditional training methods spend 90% of their time on lectures and PowerPoints and rely heavily on memorization. This results in long training times, mistakes, questions, and bogged-down supervisors.

With the Find & Follow Training Framework, new hires learn the foundational information needed for their job and then use real-life practice scenarios to learn how to find and follow digital guides. 

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How Traditional Training Compares to Find & Follow Training

Tools needed to implement Find & Follow

A ScreenSteps knowledge operations platform equips you with the tools to transform into a Find & Follow Organization.

Find & Follow implementation packages & services

Improve employee training and performance with the Find & Follow Framework

The key to improving employee performance and training is better knowledge transfer. That's where Find & Follow comes in. Schedule time to meet with the ScreenSteps team to learn how Find & Follow can benefit your organization.