Fortune-500 Company Saves Millions with Call Flows

Financial Savings

In their first year

The Company: Fortune-500 medical device contact center

This Fortune-500 contact center assists patients and nurses who use its medical devices. Customers reach out to the contact center when they experience difficulties while using their medical devices or have general questions about their devices.

Their Challenge: Complex processes

Contact center representatives needed to troubleshoot complicated device alerts and alarms. Sometimes troubleshooting sessions required customers to swap out medical devices. Often, contact center reps were unnecessarily exchanging medical equipment.

Reps were frustrated because existing guides were too complicated and confusing to follow. Managers and leaders were concerned because these mistakes were costing the company millions of dollars.

While the contact center had technical guides that provided explanations of how to troubleshoot alerts and alarms, they were too complicated. It was difficult for reps to find and follow existing guides while they were on a call.

When reps needed to use a guide, they would browse through various folders and documents in their shared drive (SharePoint), some of which are hundreds of pages long. This was a time-consuming and frustrating process that yielded mishandled calls.

Because agents didn’t troubleshoot problems correctly, the company was paying to ship back devices that had no problems with them.

The Solution: Easy-to-find and easy-to-follow guides

The company realized they needed consistency. They needed consistency in the way reps handled calls and in the experience the customer received.

To do this, the company needed a platform that allowed subject matter experts to create interactive troubleshooting guides and call flows that reps could follow while on the call.

They then needed to be able to organize all of their resources into a searchable knowledge base, allowing reps to find the exact procedure they needed within seconds.

With ScreenSteps, the company created interactive troubleshooting guides using Workflows. With these unique types of guides, trainers were able to create responsive, step-by-step instructions that their contact center reps could follow while talking to the caller.

Contact center reps no longer needed to remember complex processes or attempt to decipher technical documentation. The interactive, easy-to-follow guides would navigate reps through all of the prompts, questions and tasks to properly troubleshoot an error the same way, every time.

With better troubleshooting processes identified, all agents could instantly adapt to the improved process, further decreasing errors.

Also, with their ScreenSteps knowledge base, they had access to a more robust search engine. This made it easier to use keyword search to find specific procedures and troubleshooting guides. As soon as a rep determines the purpose of a call, they can type in keywords and, in less than three seconds, locate the correct resource.

The Result: How it saved them $2.3 million

With ScreenSteps, subject matter experts have created interactive guides that help reps navigate through the entire caller experience, no matter how complex.

ScreenSteps enabled consistency in the caller experience, every time. This has provided clarity to everyone on how calls should be handled across the contact center.

Because of the consistency gained from their troubleshooting guides and call flows, the company has saved $2.3 million dollars in reduced shipping costs.

Contact center reps are more confident since they have simplified guides they can use to help the callers. Customers are more satisfied because contact center representatives can help them resolve their issues on the phone without unnecessary medical device returns.

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