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Any contact center taking longer than a month to train new agents is using the outdated training strategy of MEMORIZATION.

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According to research done by Nice inContact, the #1 motivator for your call center agents is to help customers. The second and fourth biggest motivators are to have an impact on your organization's goals and your call center's goals, respectively.

If your agents want to help customers, why are you making them wait 2-3 months before letting them handle more calls?

Here's the thing – your agents want to successfully help customers. The longer it takes for your new agents to be able to do that, the more likely it is that they will be dissatisfied. And if your new agents are dissatisfied, it's pretty easy for them to find another call center that will help them do that.

Create "Recipes" They Can Follow

You can make somebody experience success as a cook or a baker by giving them a recipe and letting them use it to create a meal.

Your agents are no different. You can make them experience success in the call center by giving them recipes, or what we call Conversation Flows. As long as your Conversation Flows are complete, and your agents know how to use them, then your agents will be able to successfully handle 90% of the calls coming in.

A good conversation flow includes:

  • What to say (questions, requests)
  • Decision trees (for responding to interactions with caller)
  • What to do
  • How to do it

Build those out and you will never have a problem training new agents and helping them experience success in two weeks or less of being hired.

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