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Any contact center taking longer than a month to train new agents is using the outdated training strategy of MEMORIZATION.

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This Outdated Learning Strategy is Ruining Training

New Training Strategy


There's an outdated learning strategy that is sabotaging your call center training and making things more difficult for you and for your agents.

The mistake is this: memorization.

Corporate trainers (or managers) expect support agents and reps to memorize everything, so trainers put together materials like:

  • Lectures and demos,
  • Quizzes, and
  • PowerPoints with step-by-step instructions.

But that approach is based off of an outdated learning strategy used in high schools and college – and your call center is NOT a school. It's a business that has hundreds of procedures, processes, and policies that are modified (even if only slightly) every month.

Memorizing all of that is not a good investment of time.

Proficiency is the Goal

Instead of focusing on memorization, trainers and managers should be focused on proficiency. And your agents do NOT need to memorize everything in order to be proficient – they just need to be able to handle calls. And as long as your agents have access to Conversation Flows, then your agents can be proficient once they learn how to use those Conversation Flows during a call.

If you haven't already, check out the video above to see what a Conversation Flow looks like and how it would be used during a call.

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