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Communicating Changes to Remote Agents

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Announcing a change to a process, procedure, or policy when your agents are working remotely can be challenging.

Some common (but ineffective) ways of announcing changes to remote employees include:

  • An email
  • A Slack message (or other chat tools)
  • A Zoom meeting (or other web meeting)

Those options work okay for making announcements about company picnics or who's now in the lead with points, but for announcing changes to a process or procedure, they stink.

Communicate Change Where it Applies

Have you ever been driving when the front-seat passenger is giving you directions?

Of course you have. Well, how helpful was it when your co-pilot rattled off the next seven turns you need to make? 

It's the same experience when you announce changes to processes, policies, or procedures with a note or with a web meeting. Telling your agents on Monday that they need to make seven changes to calls that they may get on Wednesday or Thursday isn't helpful.

Instead, make the updates in your Conversation Flows and direct your remote agents to reference the Conversation Flows for every call coming in. That way, your agents will see what they need to do while they're on the call.

No memorization required.

A better use of your email, slack message, or Zoom meeting would be to announce that there are changes and then point them to those updated Conversation Flows. 

This approach reduces the stress your agents feel around change and it will reduce the mistakes your agents make as they implement those changes to processes.

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