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When one of our clients switched to using the ScreenSteps knowledge base, and we built Conversation Flows and showed agents how to use them, we were able to drop a new agent's time to proficiency from 60 days down to 6 days.

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Let Agents Find Their Own Answers During Training

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There's one training activity that is critical in getting your new agents prepared to answer calls efficiently, but it's often left out of training.  And if it is included, it's usually at the end of training and seems more like an afterthought. 

That training activity is this – Practice responding to scenarios.

Now, even if you are practicing different scenarios, you still might be doing it wrong and not getting the full benefits – kind of like doing pushups with bad form. Sure you're putting in the reps, but you better believe you will not get great results.

A Checklist for Practicing Scenarios 

When you practice responding to scenarios, make sure to do the following:

  • Ask questions that they will be asked when on the phone
  • Do not jump in to tell them the answer – make them work for it
  • Let agents find the answers in your knowledge base
  • Talk through the answer by referencing the knowledge base resource

Then repeat the above steps dozens of scenarios. After going through 30+ scenarios, and after being able to successfully find and walk through the answers in your knowledge base, your new reps will be more than prepared to handle calls.

It's "No Memorization" Training

Technically, this approach would be called Scenario-based Training. But since we emphasize going to the knowledge base to find answers, we call it "No Memorization" training.

The goal of this approach is not to memorize all of the answers. That will take way too long and is not necessary for your new agents to be proficient at resolving calls.

The goal of "No Memorization" training is to:

  • Make new agents familiar with the types of questions being asked
  • Make new agents familiar with the resources available for responding
  • Build confidence in a new agent's ability to handle any call

As long as you have Conversation Flows, job aids, and good procedures in a searchable knowledge base, there is no reason to make your agents memorize anything.

Over time, your new agents will become comfortable with your procedures and may even memorize a large portion of them – that's great! But there's no reason that new agents cannot be productive contributors before they've mastered all of your procedures.

See how ScreenSteps can cut training time by 75% using Scenario-based (i.e. "No Memorization") training

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