Explain the procedures that run your business

Support Centers and Training Managers use ScreenSteps to reduce the headache of teaching employees and customers what to do (and how to do it)

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Do your procedures feel disorganized?

If your knowledge solution consists of Word, SharePoint, wikis, and sticky notes, then your day is filled with haphazardly "teaching" coworkers and customers what to do.

That's because most knowledge management solutions focus on storing information, and fall short when it comes to creating knowledge, and transferring it from one person to another.



ScreenSteps can help

Other platforms forget that knowledge isn't very helpful if nobody ever uses it, which is why the ScreenSteps team built a solution that makes it easy for your employees and customers to actually use your SOPs and step-by-step tutorials.


Replace outdated knowledge solutions (ahem...SharePoint) with the ScreenSteps Learning Platform

Make it simple for end users to find answers

Our end users were dialing our help desk instead of using our previous SharePoint site. But with ScreenSteps, we can see self-service is growing each month. And we are seeing a drop in the number of questions we are being asked.

Business Systems Manager | Advanced Tech

In our old system, not being able to find how-to guides was slowing down productivity. But with ScreenSteps, we've been able to bring everything into one place and make it easier for end users to find. We also use our quick-reference guides for training exercises.

Instructional Designer | WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Our IT department is trying to promote the option of having 0 level of support so the end user can get help at 2 o’clock in the morning, and not have to go on campus to get help. ScreenSteps is helping us get there.

Faculty Technology Consultant | BYU-Idaho

The ScreenSteps platform helps 100,000+ end users at thousands of organizations (big and small)


Customer Self-Service

Create step-by-step tutorials and courses that show your customers how to use your products (and reduce the # of support tickets that come in).

Agent Enablement

Empower your support agents with checklists, SOPs, policies, and scripts so they can respond to customers quickly, confidently, and consistently.

Employee Training

Adding new employees can drain your resources if you're not prepared. Use ScreenSteps to systematize employee training across your entire organization.

Bring together all of your work instructions, procedures, and policies so users can find everything they need in one place.

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Your knowledge base will go from empty to full in a fraction of the time

ScreenSteps helps you overcome one of the biggest challenges of creating a customer and internal knowledge base—filling it up

I could not imagine an easier way to create and organize professional looking help pages.
ScreenSteps makes creation of heavily visual help articles so much more efficient!
It's been a snap for us to quickly roll out guides and documents, and to repurpose content easily.

fill your knowledge base in 1/4 of the time it takes using other systems

ScreenSteps is like using a power tool. If you've got to write a lot of SOPs, how-to's, and user guides, ScreenSteps will make your life a lot easier. 

Customers tell us, "What used to take 60 minutes to author now only take us 15." 




Don't Do it by yourself—Get a little help from your friends

Building a robust knowledge base is a team effort. ScreenSteps has collaboration features so you can manage the authoring workflow with multiple contributors.

Recruit SMEs, ask managers to pitch in, and fill up your knowledge base together. 

ScreenSteps is the only knowledge base that comes with a desktop editor specifically designed for creating user-guides and SOPs.

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Consistent Learning During Growth and Turnover

Use ScreenSteps to onboard new customers and new employees, and then provide continual support after training is over

ScreenSteps makes it easy for employees to find the help they need! And because creating content is so fast and intuitive, I can get more people to contribute to the creation of training materials.

Sr. Training Manager | Cushman & Wakefield

We used the ScreenSteps training methodology and tools, and this round of Salesforce training went far better than the previous round of training. Our users are actually excited to begin using Salesforce.

Salesforce Trainer | Peninsula Jewish Community Center

Using the ScreenSteps External Helper to suggest specific help docs and provide search has been a game changer.

IT Training & Engagement Coordinator | Prospera Financial


give employees and customers a boost up that learning curve

Learning new things is hard, which is why ScreenSteps comes with a suite of tools to help new users get up to speed, such as:

  • Courses (systematize your procedure training)
  • Chrome Extension (help is only a click away)
  • Channels (suggest policy and procedure docs on any web page)

Employees will get up that learning curve in less time, and customers will be able to use your products and services with more confidence.


Less confusion = more happiness

When employees aren't sure how to do their job, they get frustrated. When customers don't know how to use your service, they stop using it. 

ScreenSteps will reduce the confusion employees and customers feelwhich makes everybody happier. 

ScreenSteps will help you create better looking content that can be used for onboarding, system rollouts, SOPs, policies, and more.

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Support That Is Above And Beyond

You guys have really spoiled us with support – it is so above and beyond what we’re used to from a SaaS product. It’s amazing. You just don’t find service like this with other SaaS products.

Instructional Designer/Trainer | WA State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Make ScreenSteps Your Company's One-Stop Shop

Consolidate all of your internal resources into one, easy-to-find location

Company Policies

Replace Word and PDF, and store your company policies and best practices in ScreenSteps so that when your employees have questions about leaving early on Friday or preparing for a client meeting, they can easily find your guidance.

Sales Resources

Manage your sales brochures, case studies, pricing tables, and scripts for overcoming objections in ScreenSteps so that sales reps can quickly find the right PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, or article when they need it. Great for inside sales reps.

Department SOPs

Use ScreenSteps to create and manage your standard operating procedures for all of your departments. You can control viewing permissions at the article level and easily manage user groups.

Support Documentation

Use ScreenSteps as a customer-facing knowledge base so that your customers have a place to go when they need answers. You can customize your knowledge base so the style and URL reflect your brand.

Drop Word and use ScreenSteps. Make your knowledge-transfer strategy work.

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