Knowledge base software for better employee training & performance

Train, onboard, and support employee performance with the Find & Follow Framework and knowledge base software.

Confident employees start with better knowledge transfer

When employees rely on memorization and tribal knowledge to perform tasks or solve problems, things feel chaotic. Mistakes get made, employees lose confidence, and managers get burnt out. 

There's a better way to work and train, and it starts with rethinking the way you transfer knowledge.

Tools, frameworks, & habits for more confident employees

With the right technology, frameworks, and habits, employees feel confident handling any task, no matter the complexity. 

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Knowledge Base Software

Create an internal Google with a centralized knowledge hub

Say goodbye to tribal knowledge and 20-page PDFs that no one uses.

Create a centralized knowledge hub with digital guides & foundational training courses that empower confident, independent, and productive employees. 

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Find & Follow Framework

Boost confidence with a better way to work & train

When operational procedures are complex and changing, work feels hard. But it doesn't have to.

The Find & Follow Framework is a knowledge transfer strategy that completely changes the way your team supports new and tenured employees

The results? Faster onboarding, fewer mistakes, fewer questions, and less stress (for everyone). 

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Knowledge Coaching Services

Get expert guidance, every step of the way

Transforming the way your team works & trains can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be. 

Work directly with a Knowledge Ops expert to guarantee the success of your new solution. 

Our coaches are here to help with knowledge base creation, onboarding programs, Find & Follow implementation, and more.

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Jonathan DeVore, Head Consultant at ScreenSteps

Find & Follow: The Book

In this transformative guide, Greg & Jonathan DeVore provide the key to solving the knowledge transfer problem and transforming your business.

The results? Confident, productive, and independent employees in 30 days or less. 

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See the real transformations teams are achieving with ScreenSteps and the Find & Follow Framework

When you create a better system for transferring knowledge to your employees exactly when they need it, you develop confident, independent, and productive employees. Here are a few examples of the amazing results organizations are achieving.

Reduction in onboarding time
Decrease in average hold time
Drop in average handle time
Decrease in training budget

Knowledge Ops Success Story

Fortune-500 Contact Center Saves Millions with Full-Suite Knowledge Ops Solution

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Explore our pre-recorded demo videos to see the ScreenSteps knowledge base in action. 

  • See how ScreenSteps can help your company improve employee performance while reducing training time

  • Get an introduction to ScreenSteps' features and functions and how they work

  • Watch on-demand demo videos anytime

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Employee onboarding & performance support insights to optimize your organization

Explore popular posts from the ScreenSteps Learning Center for tips, tricks, best practices, and more.

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