Our training solutions allow each attendee to get the most out of your live presentations and stay much more engaged in the process. 

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Design Materials that Spur Engagement

The ease of creating guides within ScreenSteps lets you enhance your live training with support materials. This way you can designate specific articles for your audience to use in preparation for your presentation. In doing so, you're encouraging them to participate during the session and maximize their engagement throughout the process. By embedding screenshots into these materials and editing them within one software tool, you can demonstrate precisely how a task is performed and save a significant amount of time for interacting with your viewers or listeners. 

Approach Live Training Wisely

We all know a single presentation isn't going to be enough when it comes to optimizing training for your employees or customers, as no one can memorize everything he or she needs to know at once. Instead, incorporate your live-training session into the context of a greater knowledge base. In addition to reviewing your presentation's materials, the members of your audience can find the next steps they need to get the most out of your product without having to stop and ask. With ScreenSteps, you can use training solutions to create documentation efficiently, allowing each topic to fit into the bigger picture.