The assets produced by ScreenSteps can speed new-customer onboarding, maximizing ROI on both sides.

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Let Customers Learn in Digestible Formats

Let Customers Learn in Digestible Formats

By providing a knowledge base full of targeted, visual documentation rather than a few lengthy text files, you can get your new customers started while encouraging them to learn by experience. Use ScreenSteps' easy and automated tools to create articles that cater to each customer's company as a whole along with those that demonstrate how your product benefits specific roles—from IT to sales. When you're done, you can publish them within a self-service portal that's easy to maintain and organize. By creating this cache of reference material, you're spurring self-sufficiency, enabling continued learning and emphasizing your product's ease of use.

Increase ROI for Your Customers

Thanks to automated processes and inline editing tools, there's no longer a need to fear process updates because they may change your existing training and support materials. With ScreenSteps you can update documents without having to erase what you've already prepared or start from square one. In the end, you're maximizing ROI for both you and your customers, since you're minimizing the amount of time you both spend on the onboarding process. On the customers' side, you're helping them capitalize on all your product has to offer and reach time to value more quickly. And from an internal perspective, you're minimizing the cost of each new acquisition. It's a win-win.