Transform your customer-support knowledge base into a self-service portal packed with visual documentation that improves efficiency.

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Self Service

Encourage Self-Service

The ScreenSteps knowledge base acts as a self-service portal, where customers engage with articles and how-to guides. The benefits of this process stretch to both sides of the fence when it comes to customer support. You have the opportunity to save the time and money it takes to respond to each question or create ad hoc solutions. And—since no one likes picking up the phone unnecessarily—it boosts efficiency from your customers' perspective at the same time. By allowing them to help themselves, you're also allowing them to remain productive and maintain an uninterrupted workflow.

Cater to Your Client Base

To create absorbable support content, you need more than a single live presentation or a giant block of text. Further, you need this content to reflect the precise tasks and nuances available within your product. This is where ScreenSteps can help. Use our tools to capture screenshots and incorporate them into your support documentation for a visually rich, step-by-step demonstration your customers can emulate. Plus, as your product changes, so too will your content, since ScreenSteps allows for inline image replacement and comes with tools for automatic revision management.