The creation and maintenance of user documentation becomes a simple process with ScreenSteps. In turn these assets enhance enablement tools and speed customer and employee onboarding.

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Boost Efficiency While Supporting Clients

ScreenSteps enables you to create visual user documentation, including articles, how-to guides and manuals. Further, it allows you to build a knowledge base for easy organization and maintenance. This way, you're encouraging self-service among your customers and improving efficiency on both sides.

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Work Within One Comprehensive Application

Capture screenshots, edit images and write text within the ScreenSteps interface. Tools such as inline image replacement and automated tables of contents allow you to keep documents up-to-date without starting from scratch.

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Onboard Customers Quickly to Maximize ROI

Minimize the amount of time you spend onboarding by allowing your customers to learn as they go. ScreenSteps allows you to construct and publish articles that are visual, demonstrative and easy to absorb, so your customers can master tasks as they occur in the course of business.

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Support and Optimize Live Training

Guides built with ScreenSteps optimize all stages of live training, from preparation through follow up. By letting your audience members pace themselves, you're enabling them to interact with a live presenter and stay much more engaged in the process than they would be from simply watching a series of slides.

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