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Keep Operations Running Smoothly During Times of Company Growth

Training Software For Onboarding New Hires, Rolling Out Technology, and Enabling Employees

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Employee Documentation Done Right

Step-by-step articles, checklists, policies, and everything in between.

ScreenSteps makes your life easier by...

Cutting Learning Curves

Decrease the time it takes for new employees to learn your operations and start making contributions (with less hand holding).

Reducing Interruptions

Cut down on the emails and the interruptions from employees asking for reminders on how to do routine tasks and procedures.

Enabling Employees

Improve your sales and support team's customer interactions, and help everybody do a better job performing their day-to-day work.

Training and Enabling Employees is Easy

ScreenSteps will help you get more consistent results in 5 simple steps...


Step 1: Send Employees a Course

When you hire new employees, roll out new technology, or release features your sales and support teams need to learn, create a course. You can embed videos and quizzes, include screenshots and text, and track employee engagement and completion. And once you create a course, you can use it again and again when your workforce changes.

  • Systematize your training
  • Include images, tables, hosted videos, SOP checklists, and more
  • Reuse course material in your ScreenSteps knowledge base
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Step 2: Provide Checklists and Job Aids

Create checklists and tip sheets that employees can use during your hands-on training and after training is over. Your checklists and job aids are in your knowledge base so employees can easily find them, and they are web-based so employees can use them again and again without wasting paper.

  • Standardize your procedures
  • Track which employees are completing checklists
  • Add details in foldable sections under each checklist item
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Deliver Training Materials Where Employees need them


Step 3: Put Them In Your Apps

With ScreenSteps, you can put your checklists and job aids in the cloud applications your business uses, with no APIs and no integrations. When your employees are in the Salesforce Opportunities object and have a question, they simply click on the Chrome extension to view your suggested content. Your article slides out with instructions so employees can stay on the screen they're working in.

  • Replaces PDFs and hard copies during hands-on training
  • Support users after training is over
  • Help is only a click away
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Step 4: Create An Internal "Google"

Before, during, and after your training, your employees will have questions. With ScreenSteps, it's easy create an online knowledge base that your employees can browse or search using keywords. ScreenSteps takes care of the hierarchy, search functionality, and viewing permissions so that you can focus on creating training materials that your employees can use when they need help.

  • Control viewing permissions
  • Built-in hierarchy for easy organization
  • Search includes article titles, text, and can include additional search tags
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Know who is looking at your training and SOPs


Step 5: Analyze and Tweak

See exactly which articles employees are using, which courses are being completed, and which employees need a nudge. With ScreenSteps, you will never have to guess whether your hard work is making a difference.

  • Show your boss monthly reports
  • Employees can vote each article with a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down 
  • Compare employee performance to their usage of your training materials
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Support That Is Above And Beyond

You guys have really spoiled us with support – it is so above and beyond what we’re used to from a SaaS product. It’s amazing. You just don’t find service like this with other SaaS products.

Instructional Designer/Trainer, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

Do More than Just IT Training

Use ScreenSteps for all of your company training and operating resources

Company Policies

Store your company policies and best practices in ScreenSteps so that when your employees have questions about leaving early on Friday or preparing for a client meeting, they can easily find your guidance.

Sales Resources

Manage your sales brochures, case studies, and scripts for overcoming objections in ScreenSteps so that sales reps can quickly find the right PDF, Excel Spreadsheet, or article when they need it.

Support Reps

Organize internal support resources in ScreenSteps so that your reps can quickly browse or search for answers, and respond to customers without missing a beat. Critical when outsourcing customer services.

Customer Resources

Create a knowledge base for your employees, and create a separate knowledge base for your customers. With ScreenSteps, you can create multiple knowledge bases for different audiences.

If learning technology is the only thing holding your employees back, ScreenSteps will help bridge the gap.

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