Stop fussing with multiple applications

If you find yourself using 2–3 different software tools just to create a knowledge base article, you know how frustrating the experience can be - authoring a single help article can require a separate screen capture application, image editor, text authoring tool and FTP client.

ScreenSteps combines everything you need into a single application. No more fussing with multiple applications - just open ScreenSteps and start writing.

We integrate with your existing knowledge base

If your company currently has a knowledge base with Zendesk, or WordPress, then you can use ScreenSteps to improve it!

ScreenSteps has integrations so that you and your team can all create content and post it directly to your forums, topics, or posts.

Learn about our integrations →

Improve your existing knowledge base

You can also use our "Copy HTML" feature to improve any online knowledge base such as Salesforce, UserVoice, and Freshdesk.

If your knowledge base lets you insert HTML in the online editor, you can post your ScreenSteps article and have it available in your knowledge base.

Desktop authoring + web-based collaboration

ScreenSteps includes both a web editor as well as a desktop authoring tool. All of your content is stored with a web backend.

This lets us provide you with the best of both worlds:

  1. A powerful desktop authoring tool that includes screen capture, image editing and annotations.
  2. A collaborative web backend that automatically stores revisions of your articles, helps you manage your worfkflow and publishes your content exactly where you customers need it.

Create a knowledge base from scratch

If you are creating a knowledge base from scratch, use the ScreenSteps knowledge base portal to create a world class online knowledge base for your customers.

We take care of the site structure, viewing permissions, search functionality, and publishing - you don't need to know a thing about making websites to have a great  online knowledge base for customer support.

You can include a link from your company website to your ScreenSteps knowledge base - just add your company's styling so your customers get a seamless experience when they search for help in your knowledge base.

Collaborate and manage your authoring workflow

ScreenSteps is specifically designed for teams from 2 to 200 that need to collaborate on their documentation.

  • Track article status
  • Automatically store revisions
  • Automatically store source images for all screen captures
  • Add revision notes
  • Assign article owners and view activity streams

Everything you need to manage help article content creation.


The great part about ScreenSteps is that it’s so easy to fill in your documentation holes. Nobody can think of everything everybody wants to do. The minute you get a support ticket that says “how do I do this?” and it's not in your documentation, you just quickly make another lesson and reply with a link to your lesson.

Paul Deschenes, Advologix

Adding support documentation is incredibly easy - we have over 500 pages of support documentation at this point.

Sean Harrington, Partner - TimeshEASY

Managing a knowledge base library is something we’ll be doing forever, so it’s great to have a good tool to do it.

Joe Hair, Health-Tech Consulting