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Employee Training Software For Small and Midsize Businesses

Improve adoption. Reduce confusion. See a better ROI on your IT investment.

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IT Onboard Training

Get new employees up and running with your business technology by creating (and assigning) customized courses that consistently train employees on your business procedures and cloud applications.

Cloud Implementations

Improve user adoption with a searchable knowledge base and contextual tutorials that appear in the cloud apps your business is rolling out. Perfect to use during hands-on training and follow-up support.

Operating Procedures

Cut down the mistakes (and questions) your employees make by giving them crystal clear SOP checklists that will help employees the first time they do a job, or the 100th time.

Getting Started is Easy

After you sign up for a trial, just follow these 5 steps...


Step 1: Build a Knowledge Base

It's easy create an online knowledge base that your employees can browse or search using keywords. ScreenSteps takes care of the hierarchy, search functionality, and viewing permissions so that you can focus on creating training materials for your employees.

  • Control viewing permissions
  • Built-in hierarchy for easy organization
  • Search includes article titles, text, and can include additional search tags
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Step 2: Create SOPs and FAQs

Forget documenting your SOPs and FAQs in software like PowerPoint and Word. Instead, use the one-of-a-kind ScreenSteps editors to create simple FAQs (e.g. "How do I assign a lead?") or more detailed SOP Checklists (e.g. "Processing an Order"). Add screenshots, image annotations, checklists, tables, foldable sections, styles, and moreall in the ScreenSteps editors.

  • Revision management
  • Document approval process
  • Cut content creation time from 60 minutes down to 15 minutes
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Deliver Training Materials Where Employees need them


Step 3: Add Context-Sensitive Help

With ScreenSteps, you can have your FAQ and SOP Checklist articles show up in the cloud applications your business uses. So, when your employees are in the Salesforce Opportunities object and have a question, they simply click on the Chrome extension to view your suggested content. Your article slides out with instructions so employees can stay on the screen they're working in.

  • Replaces PDFs and hard copies during hands-on training
  • Support users after training is over
  • Help is only a click away
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Step 4: Organize Courses

It won't be long until you want to organize some of your articles into a course. With ScreenSteps, it's as simple as clicking a few buttons. When you're finished, you can assign employees to your course and track their engagement as well as completion.

  • No limit to the number of courses you can create
  • Include images, tables, hosted videos, SOP checklists, etc.
  • Reuse your existing articles so that you never have to create a course from scratch
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Know who is looking at your training and SOPs


Step 5: Analyze and Tweak

See exactly which articles employees are using, which courses are being completed, and which employees need a nudge. With ScreenSteps, you will never have to guess whether your hard work is making a difference.

  • Show your boss monthly reports
  • Employees can vote each article with a Thumbs Up or a Thumbs Down 
  • Compare employee performance to their usage of your training materials
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Support That Is Above And Beyond

You guys have really spoiled us with support – it is so above and beyond what we’re used to from a SaaS product. It’s amazing. You just don’t find service like this with other SaaS products.

Instructional Designer/Trainer, Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges

If learning technology is the only thing holding your employees back, ScreenSteps will help bridge the gap.

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