The Train Implementation Package

Knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less


Create a training factory

The Train Implementation Package will help you create a training factory that will turn new hires into knowledgeable, consistent, and efficient employees in 30 days or less. We will do this by helping you implement the Find & Follow Training system.

The package is broken up into five phases:

  • Find & Follow Planning Workshop 
  • Course/presentation design
  • Activity design
  • 12 content coaching sessions
  • 4 Train the Trainer Sessions

What's included with the Train Implementation Package?

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Find & Follow Planning Workshop

The Find & Follow Planning Workshop will ensure that your training and operations team are perfectly aligned in regard to what your employees will actually need to be able to do in their job roles. 

The output of this workshop will give your team a detailed blueprint of what content they need to create.

Find & Follow Planning Workshop Webinar

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Course/Presentation Design

A core component of the training factory is creating materials that teach employees foundational concepts, principles, and processes. Our team will help you prepare those foundational materials, whether it’s courses, videos, or presentations.

The output of this phase is the following: 

  • A slide deck with visuals that aid in explaining concepts and high-level processes
  • An outline of what to demonstrate when doing system overview videos
  • An outline or a script for what to say
  • One-on-one practice for running the presentation and/or recording the videos

Completing this phase will bring consistency to the training experience.


Activity Design

Practicing realistic activities is a main component of the Find & Follow Training Framework and will take up the majority of your trainees' time. Our team will work with your trainer to design activities that are engaging, educational, and practical.

The output of this phase is the following:

  • A plan for how employees will practice in a realistic environment
  • A plan for engaging employees throughout training
  • A format for running activities so that employees aren’t overwhelmed and gradually build confidence and competence
  • A plan for how to adapt an activity based on how the employees are reacting/interacting

Completing this phase will provide your trainers with a repeatable process that prepares employees to do the work after training is over.

Content Coaching Services

Content Coaching Services

ScreenSteps will provide your authors with a lot of tools. But how do you know that you are applying best practices when designing your digital guides?

That's where our Content Coaches can help.

The coaching sessions will assist you in the following:

  1. Ensuring your authors adopt best practices in designing your digital guides
  2. Creating foundational instruction and practice activities to be used in training sessions

Organizations that engage in our coaching services launch their ScreenSteps in less time and achieve better results.

Content Coaching Services

Train the Trainer

Running a Find & Follow Training program is new to many trainers. During the Train the Trainer sessions, our coaches will help your training team learn how to:

  • Prepare Find & Follow training sessions
  • Introduce the digital guides
  • Run practice sessions
  • Avoid common mistakes made when implementing Find & Follow Training


How is the Train Implementation Package different from the Guide Implementation Package?

Is the workshop done in person or remotely?

Who needs to attend the workshops?

How long does the workshop take?

How long are the coaching sessions?

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