Implementation and Coaching

Start out strong and build systems that will last with implementation services and coaching

Our professional services and coaching team can help you achieve the ROI you expect out of your ScreenSteps implementation

How to get started: document migration and implementation services

You want to make the transition to ScreenSteps but you need some extra help to make sure that transition is flawless. Our professional services team can help.

  • Document migration

  • Customized author training

  • Launch preparations



Migrate documents from your old system

You don't have to start from scratch. If you have existing materials that you want to convert into ScreenSteps guides, we can help.

Maybe you don't have the bandwidth to migrate the content on your own, or maybe you need advice on how to optimize and format your content as you bring it into ScreenSteps. Either way, we can help.



Create customized training for your content authors

ScreenSteps was built so that your authors would be able to quickly and easily create content. But each business is different and each authoring team has unique needs.

With customized training for your content authors, you will ensure you employees are on the same page. Together we can develop a style guide so that the articles are uniform, making it easier for your employees to follow them.



Prepare to launch

Implementing new software into your business can be daunting. Luckily, you don’t have to come up with a plan from scratch.

From preparing documentation to launching ScreenSteps in your company, we’ll be there with best practices and guidance so that you can experience a smooth transition.


Achieve ROI faster with coaching services

Implementing a new software and a new way of writing guides for your reps can seem daunting, which is why we don’t leave you to do it on your own. We work with your team to help them successfully launch ScreenSteps and see an immediate impact to your operations. 

When companies have worked with us to implement ScreenSteps, they set up their knowledge base faster and see results sooner. 

content strategy

Content strategy

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Content coaching

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document procedures

Document procedures

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training and launch

Prepare for training and launch

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Design your content strategy

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Before creating content, we take inventory of the procedures your company currently uses and examine how your representatives would use your guides to handle calls.  

Together we can design a knowledge base that improves upon what employees are already doing without entirely changing how they work. This minimizes disruption and results in better adoption.

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Take full advantage of content creation tools with a content coach

Learning to create content with ScreenSteps is incredibly simple. However, ScreenSteps offers features that many companies have never seen before and new authors may not be aware of how to utilize those features to create “dummy proof” guides.

Your coach will train your authoring team to take full advantage of what ScreenSteps offers so that they can build clear, user-friendly guides

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Document expert procedures for everyone to follow

Getting knowledge out of your experts' heads and into guides that are easy to follow can be a challenge, especially if your team hasn't done it in the past.

As part of coaching, we train your authors on how to interview your subject matter experts and document those processes and procedures into "dummy-proof" guides that anybody can use.

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Preparation for Zero Memorization training events

Ramping up to introduce a software change into a new company can be challenging. When you use our coaching services, our coach is there through all implementation phases to ensure you have a successful launch. Consulting areas include:

  • Rolling out change management (ie: company communications/emails, preparatory content, etc.)
  • Working with the change management leader on how to incorporate ScreenSteps
  • Developing a Zero Memorization program with trainers
  • Designing training events and courses
  • Reviewing checklists for launch day
  • Instructions on what to do post-launch day

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What does a ScreenSteps coach do?

What does the coaching process look like?

How much does coaching cost?

What results should I expect out of coaching?

What do I need to have prepared in order to have a successful coaching outcome?

How much time will I need to dedicate each week to get the most out of coaching?

How much does implementation and content migration services cost? 

How do I know if I need a coach or if I can do it on my own?

How long does ScreenSteps take to implement without a coach?

Do I have to hire the coach to get instructions on how to implement ScreenSteps in my company?

What our customers are saying

“All feedback from our reps has been beyond positive. My reps appreciate the step-by-step process and describe it as ‘dummy proof.’ Thank you for helping me bring my vision for our protocol revamp to life.”

Yasmin | Supervisor, Call Center

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“When I first started, there were only a couple of articles. And now we have at least 1,500 to 2,000 articles. We're constantly adding new ones. ScreenSteps is used on a daily basis. It's an incredible tool.”

Colin Slade | VP Customer Success & Services, Cloudbeds

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“The fact that you have so many features at your fingertips and the fact that you can actually USE all them, make ScreenSteps the best product on the market for training. We've loved it here and it has brought us much better results than what we were doing beforehand. It's a great product with a great customer service department and they keep delivering value.”

G2 Customer Review

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