The Guide Implementation Package

Plan and create digital guides for independent employees


Give your employees the tools and guidance they need to be independent

The Guide Implementation Package will help your team ensure that you have digital guides that can help employees independently complete tasks, answer questions, and solve problems.

The package is broken up into two phases:

  • Find & Follow Planning Workshop 
  • 12 content coaching sessions

What's included with the Guide Implementation Package?

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Find & Follow Planning Workshop

The Find & Follow Planning Workshop will ensure that your training and operations team are perfectly aligned in regard to what your employees will actually need to be able to do in their job roles. 

The output of this workshop will give your team a detailed blueprint of what content they need to create.

Find & Follow Planning Workshop Webinar

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Content Coaching Services

Content Coaching Services

ScreenSteps will provide your authors with a lot of tools. But how do you know that you are applying best practices when designing your digital guides?

That's where our Content Coaches can help.

Using the blueprint from your Find & Follow Planning workshop your coach will meet with your team weekly or bi-weekly over Zoom (or MS Teams) to review what they have created and guide them on best practices.

Organizations that engage in our coaching services launch their ScreenSteps in less time and achieve better results.

Content Coaching Services


How is the Guide Implementation Package different from the Train Implementation Package?

Is the workshop done in person or remotely?

Who needs to attend the workshops?

How long does the workshop take?

How long are the coaching sessions?

How many people can attend a coaching session?