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Interested in implementing the Find & Follow Framework at your organization, but not sure where to start? The ScreenSteps team is here to help every step of this way. 

During this discovery call, we will:

  • Discuss your current knowledge transfer goals and challenges

  • Get actionable recommendations your organization can implement immediately to start transferring knowledge more efficiently

  • Create a custom Find & Follow roadmap your organization can follow to move up the Knowledge Ops Maturity Model

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What changes when you implement the Find & Follow Framework? Everything.

Operational knowledge impacts every aspect of your business. When you change the way you think about and use knowledge, your entire organization becomes more efficient.

What our customers are saying

“We're reaping the benefits since day one. We've improved our training regiment almost ten-fold from what it was before (at least it feels like it!). I do not want to go back to what it was before we found ScreenSteps.”

G2 Customer Review

"With ScreenSteps, new agents feel confident handling any type of call within the first 15 days of being hired (even the more involved calls), and by day 45 they are pretty much experts.

Handle time is down, talk time is down, hold time is down...the metrics across the board are a lot better than they were previously."

Stephanie | Contact Center Training Manager

"For me personally, working with ScreenSteps’ support team has been the highlight of the whole project.

ScreenSteps has been instrumental in helping our sales teams deliver a remarkable member experience and they are one of our most responsive partners. Quickly jumping in to help and being willing to implement ideas — that's what makes ScreenSteps stand out."

Alaska | Information Technology Support Specialist

"It’s amazing where we’ve progressed in the space of a year. Now, I’d say there’s no going back. This is what we are going to push. Other people are talking about what we are doing because of our use of ScreenSteps."

David | Help Center Trainer

"What we like the best about ScreenSteps is that the ScreenSteps team is very easy to work with and the application is super easy to use. Making updates to our troubleshooting guides is seamless and working with the team is an absolute dream."

Jason | Operations Director

Partner with a team that cares about your success just as much as you do

Our mission is to help organizations transform the way they think about and use knowledge to create a more productive and less-stressful environment. Here's how we can help:

Take the first step towards more efficient training & operations

Changing the culture at your organization isn't easy. But the rewards are so worth it. Schedule time to talk to a Find & Follow expert to start your journey towards more efficient operations & training.