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Creating an article with ScreenSteps

No more copying and pasting screenshots into Word or PowerPoint. Watch the video to see how you can create clear guides in a matter of minutes.

Formatting Complex Articles

When you take a complex article and reformat it with ScreenSteps you will make your guides much easier for your employees to follow.

Create a Checklist

See how you can create interactive checklists in ScreenSteps that prevent experienced users from forgetting steps but also allow new users to get detailed guidance.

What our customers are saying

“ScreenSteps slices in half the time it takes to create content. Those who are contributing often comment on how easy it is to create content.”

Derek Cisler | Training Manager, Cushman & Wakefield

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“We have had serious issues keeping documentation up-to-date for our users, but Screensteps has resolved the issue because it's so quick to replace screenshots and push new articles.”

G2 Customer Review

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“We're reaping the benefits since day one. We've improved our training regiment almost ten-fold from what it was before (at least it feels like it!) I do not want to go back to what it was before we found ScreenSteps.”

G2 Customer Review

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Explore more technology capabilities in ScreenSteps

Explore more of the technology that makes ScreenSteps both easy for agents to use as well as helps them better succeed at their jobs.

Answer questions before your employees ask them

Contextual help will allow your employees to follow your procedures without having to search around for the right guide. Get started today.