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Things are changing rapidly as your contact center transfers to a "Work From Home" setup

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New technology and new processes

And those processes are changing everyday

You can't just gather everyone in the conference room to notify them of a change anymore

When Change Comes, Make Sure Remote Agents Have the Most Accurate Information for Handling Calls

Problems you're experiencing as you communicate changes to your WFH Agents

The problem with constant emails, chat messages, and web meetings is that your agents can't remember it all (or find the most up-to-date information) during a call, leading to:

  • Longer hold times for callers
  • Lower-quality interactions
  • Inconsistent answers
  • Agent frustration and exhaustion
Here's how
ScreenSteps helps

With ScreenSteps, you create a single source of up-to-date information (including processes and procedures) that your agents can reference during a call, leading to:

  • First-call resolution
  • Helpful, positive interactions
  • Consistent answers
  • Agents responding with confidence
Keep using your messaging apps for announcements and to keep in touch with your team.
Use ScreenSteps to manage the information that your agents need while handling calls.

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How to roll ScreenSteps out to your team in less than 2 days

Step 1: Create a ScreenSteps account and add your team members

Our team can help you get setup.

Step 2: Create conversation flows for your 5 most pressing issues

If you address your 5 most pressing issues with conversation flows you will instantly decrease agent questions and mistakes. This will give you more time to focus on other needs in your contact center.

Step 3: Have Agents Reference ScreenSteps During Each Call

When agents follow ScreenSteps Conversation Flows on each call, you never need to re-train them when a procedure changes. All you need to do is update the Conversation Flow in ScreenSteps and your agents will have access to the latest information and procedures.

Step 4: Continue to update and create more conversation flows as needed

As you continue to address new situations by creating or updating existing conversation flows you will become more responsive to customer needs without having to spend more time in training sessions.

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