B2B Technical Call Center Trains New Agents 87% Faster

“It’s amazing where we’ve progressed in the space of a year. Now, I’d say there’s no going back. This is what we are going to push. Other people are talking about what we are doing because we use ScreenSteps.”

— Department Trainer

Improved Call Center Performance

First Call Resolution rate
Faster agent training time
Articles created in one year

The Company: B2B Technical Helpdesk

The B2B technical helpdesk for technology solutions and services supports more than 400 different estates across the hospitality, leisure, and service sectors. The technology company provides and supports an end-to-end solution for hospitality companies, including hotels, pubs, restaurants, football stadiums, and more.

The skilled agents provide expert support to companies using their technology.

Their Challenge

Supporting more than 10,000 sites across more than 400 customers meant the helpdesk had a lot of policies and procedures for its technical agents to learn and manage. The company needed a way to onboard new clients faster, support existing clients more efficiently, and retain its staff.

Like many in its industry, the technical teams organized its processes and documents across multiple platforms — SharePoint, Wikipedia, and ITSM system. While this provided agents with support guides, they found these systems weren’t helping its technical agents quickly find the resources they needed.

This resulted in delays for the customer, an inconsistent experience for customers, and longer handle times than the call center wanted. Calls took longer because agents needed to search multiple locations to find the appropriate guide. Once they found the guide, the Excel documents were too complicated and confusing to follow.

While the guides allowed the agents to perform their jobs, the documents were more of a generic overview. Technical agents were slowed down because they needed to search the documents to find a particular procedure that helped them resolve the ticket.

Due to the complexity of each customer and the large number of products and features the technical agents supported, training was also a long process. Speed to competency — from training to agents working independently — took on average 6 months to achieve.

Their Solution

The helpdesk needed a way to be more agile and efficient — both to support its technical agents and its ever-growing customer base.

They needed a one-stop-shop for their information. It needed to be:

  • Scalable and manageable
  • Agile to accommodate regular updates
  • Easy to learn
  • Provide quick and easy access for employees to use the guides
  • Have decision branching options

They wanted to pool all the information in one location where they could say, “This is your starting place.” So, they searched for a software solution.

The Result

“For me, it has made a major difference to our day-to-day operations. … ScreenSteps has changed how quickly our technical agents can find targeted guides and resolve issues for our customers.” 

Operations Team

ScreenSteps has transformed how the B2B tech call center manages its knowledge and its ability to respond to customers.

With their ScreenSteps knowledge base, the call center has organized more than 850 articles to take care of their roughly 400 customers. These articles are hosted in one location where agents can quickly find and follow them.

Using the ScreenSteps workflow articles, the call center has designed knowledge experiences that have decreased training and agent proficiency time by up to 87%. Agents could find guides quicker and follow them easier.

The B2B tech call center leveraged these documentation tools to create guides that helped one client — a large restaurant chain — reduce the average call handling time from 20 minutes to 6 minutes and increased the First Call Resolution rate by 60%.

The restaurant chain had complex internal procedures that required multiple levels of support from the call center’s agents. Using ScreenSteps, the agents didn’t have to understand the customer's product or use case. Any agent — new to supporting the restaurant chain or not — could follow the steps and achieve First Call Resolution.

It was easy for the management team to receive feedback from their technical agents and use that feedback to update and create new knowledge articles. In fact, a common phrase around the call center is, “That should be in ScreenSteps.”

Onboarding new technical agents is significantly shorter. What took three months before, now takes about two to three weeks of classroom training.

Plus, it is also faster to onboard their new clients and use new support models, allowing agility in working with customers.

ScreenSteps saved supervisors time so they could create guides. These guides helped agents better take care of their clients and achieve better performance metrics. And the clients receive faster and more accurate support.

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