ICEFLO's Utilization of Content Creation Software Allows for the Training of 400 - 500 Users at a Time

"We have created around 2,500 articles with training manuals in ScreenSteps. In the last 10 months, our knowledge base has been viewed 10,000 times."

– Jackie Smith, Director of Success

The SaaS Product | ICEFLO

ICEFLO is a SaaS product that has been around since 2008 helping large organizations successfully handle complex technology change events. It replaces the disjointed communication (spreadsheets, emails, IMs, calls) used to coordinate these massive projects and is the #1 collaboration platform to build, rehearse, deploy and review technology cutover plans.

The Challenge | Training Great Amounts of Users in Short Periods of Time

ICEFLO is used when a large business plans and implements a large-scale technology cutover. ICEFLO replaces spreadsheets, emails, instant messages, and conference calls that are typically used to coordinate the technology cutover.

"For any one organization, we will work with them to devise a plan whereby they'll train the users within the organization, which can have up to 400 or 500 users at a time using the tool."

Jackie and her team needed software that could quickly train customers. Her and her team needed a tool that could expedite the training process and be passed off to the customer for their future training purposes.

"We deliver three specific modules or levels of training. We have our foundation level which is just the general navigational, key concepts, references, and showing them an example of how it works. And then the level two is the active cut-over. So that is predominantly for the people who need to know how to use the tool during a live cut-over scenario. We focus in on things like what are the reporting elements of ICEFLO that they would specifically use to be able to keep track of where things are and also recent issues. The third level is the build level. So that's predominantly for the people who are going to be responsible for creating the plans and creating an overall event within ICEFLO."

Agenor needed software that could effectively create training materials used to train customers on the three specific modules in a month's time.

The Solution | ScreenSteps Content Creation

Colin and his team used the ScreenSteps desktop editor with built-in screen capture and image annotations to solve their problem.

  • Use a built in Screen Capture
    • Insert screenshots seamlessly making training simpler
  • Create Image Annotations
    • Add arrows, callouts and directions etc.
  • Generate Text Fields
    • Include instructions for the visuals integrated
  • Create a Checklist and Table of Contents
    • Implement checklists that are easy to follow
  • Foldable Sections
    • Hide unnecessary training material depending on the trainee
  • Include Video, GIFs and More
    • Embed Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, etc.

Jackie and her team have 2 main uses for the ScreenSteps software:

  1. To support the training of customers.
  2. To support the usage and respond to tickets. (We embed a link to ScreenSteps within ICEFLO.)

What we've done is we've created all the training articles in ScreenSteps and we can now deliver the three specific modules or levels of training quickly and easily."

"We've created basically a great deal of manuals and articles in ScreenSteps around those specific three levels. Also, we've created a lot of additional material that goes beyond the three specific training levels."

"So when we do On Site training or Webinar training, we allow people to then access the training articles so that they can boost their knowledge further by looking at specific things that are of interest to them."

The Content Creation software has helped Jackie and the Agenor team intuitively train customers at a fast rate.

The Results | Agenor Can Create Materials that Train 400 to 500 Customers at a Time

Jackie and the Agenor team were thrilled with the effectivity of the ScreenSteps software. They are now able to efficiently train more users for vastly more clients.

"We now have around 2,500 articles in ScreenSteps. In the last 10 months, our knowledge base has been viewed 10,000 times."

Agenor can now easily format training documentation for web browsing, organize content in a hierarchy and publish content to PDFs (without the need for additional formatting).

See how ScreenSteps can support your customer trainings!